The formerly Bangsar-famous Aunty Christina has upgraded to her own flagship this year, now selling her sublime Sarawak Laksa in Seapark. Despite the move, crowds have not diminished but take heart that the standalone joint is better equipped to serve many more laksa lovers. At RM9 a bowl, we won't count this as cheap hawker fare. It is rather, an expertly executed Sarawakian delicacy, plated with quality ingredients and sheer finesse. Every bowl comes out of the kitchen looking identical, beautifully topped with deshelled prawns, sliced chicken, omelette and coriander garnish. Because the focus of the dish is in its strong, spice-laced broth, the portion of bee hoon is kept modest so as to prevent it from soaking up all that soupy goodness. If more is better in your books, upsize your bowl for an additional RM1.
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Nicholas Ng