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Most people who come to sixth ave to eat noodles would go to the famous Jln Tua Kong BCM stall over at Good Good just opposite, but it is this humble fishball noodle from Sunny's that won my dad over. For years, he would come here with my mum for breakfast on Saturday mornings, while I enjoyed a good sleep in. As the years went by, where there was less time to spend with my parents, I began forcing myself to get up early on the weekend just to have breakfast here with them. It was our chance to catch up on what went on during the week, and to enjoy a simple meal and piping hot kopi together. I used to be so sleepy I'd just order prata from the stall beside, cos I didn't really want to think. But as I watched my dad tuck into these noodles with soooo much contentment week after week, I made sure to order this the next time I was there. Since then, I've been loyal to this bowl of bouncy fishballs, perfectly cooked noodles and the not-too-spicy-for-breakfast chili. These days, I still try to meet them here for a fishball noodle breakfast, cos it's not the same eating it without my dad and the Saturday morning light. #Hawkerpedia