Paid a 2nd visit to this cafe and ordered the smoked salmon pasta ($24.90). Topped it off with a soup & drink (+ $5).

Pasta was too creamy for my liking but the smoked salmon was good. Standard of the food is inconsistent. Felt that I paid more for the ambience than tne food as it is situated in a boutique hot.

They are currently have a 50% promotion for the small bites, which is really worth it for a munch. However, i didn't get it as i wouldn't be able to finish it awys. Would probably return for the small bites if the promotion is still on. Wanna get their wasabi mayo prawn ($10) and fried squid tentacles ($6).

Overall rating: 3/5 🌟
Price: $24.90
Value for money? Not for me. (Pasta)