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Poh Elsen
Poh Elsen

Pumpkin soup alone wasn't tasty for me but with the chilli, it tasted great. Staff was very patient and nice. There are 1 for 1 promotion ongoing from 3-5pm for those without burpple beyond discount.

Their lunch set meal was pretty worth it as well at $9.90 for a noodle, a side and a drink. If im working there, i would go back there for a meal.

Rating: 3.5/5 🌟
Price: $$
Food ordered: pumpkin seafood noodle ($15.90)

Burpple 1for1 3 Course Meal Dessert

Lovely dessert to end the meal. Perfect for chocolate lover as it is strong, not too sweet nor bitter, just nice for me. A very strong taste. Great meal in all. Great service too. Will definitely return to try more!

Rating: 4.5/5

Burpple 1 for 1 3 Course Set Meal Mains

Filet mignon cooked on point for my medium rare request. Juicy in the inside which makes it very tasty. Every bite was splendid as it is cooked just right, make it soft, tender and juicy. Along with the sauce and the mushroom, the taste is further elevated!

Rate : 5/5

Burpple 1for1 3 Course Meal

Lamb was well cooked. It is very juicy and has a nice after taste to it with the 'lamb juice'. Together with the confit, it tasted wonderful. Would highly recommend for lamp lovers!

Rate: 4.5/5

Bought the star combo from i love taimei with 1-for-1 promotion with Burpple.
Ordered a set of 麻辣雞扒 + 金針菇 + 1988 奶茶 & a set of 鹽酥雞 + 甜不辣 + 北極光 for $13.80.
Frankly speaking it is quite worth since the sidekicks & drinks that i had ordered were premium.
Have to say, the tempura will never go wrong. However, the batter was a little too thick for my liking for the cripsy chicken, popcorn chicken & fried enoki mushroom.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Went there a month ago. Not exactly amazing that i would specially go down again but if i am nearby and craving for Thai food, i wouldn't mind to settle my meal there.

Ordered pork boat noodle. Broth tasted normal. Ordered the mango salad but didn't enjoy it alot because there were more onions and carrots than mango. Felt like i was having onion salad rather than mango salad.

Faced a little problem during payment because instead of charging (1-for-1), they charged with 50% discount. It wouldn't make a difference if all the food u ordered were of same price. However, if not you would be paying a little more. Do take note of that.

Overall rating : 3/5
Food ordered :
- Pork Boat Noodle $8
- Pad Thai $10.50
- Crispy Wings $10
- Mango Salad $12

This is my second visit to Steakgrill. Unlike my first visit, I went on a Sunday this time around 1830.

Due to peak hour, the restaurant was very hectic and messy. After ordering, it took very long for the dishes to be served. The food was below average as well. Compared to my first visit, the quality of the food was not acceptable. They were either too tough or soggy.

Another unpleasant event was to know that they removed the beef choices out of the 1-for-1 menu.

Based on my 2 experiences there, the restaurant is inconsistent with their food quality and service.

Food ordered:
Pork Ribs - $14 (pic above)
Chicken Cutlet - $12
Fish & Shrimps - $15.50 (total disappointment)
Mediterranean Snapper - $16
Pulled Pork Burger - $12
Cowboy Burger - $15

Rating: 3/5

Went to this restaurant for a birthday celebration and its definitely no regerets. It offered a 3-course meal which we chose WARMED BABY SQUID, PORK CHEEKS "BBQ" & SEA COCONUT BRULEE.

There is no words for me to explain how delicious the dishes were despite being a tasting menu. The warmed baby squid is soft and tender. With unique tamarind soy sauce, it makes you crave for more.

The pork cheeks was perfectly cooked. Its the exact opposite of "bak kwa" style, so juicy and tender. The caramel vinegar added a unique touch to the dish. Just the smell of the dish itself makes you drool.

Not to forget, the sea coconut brulee ice cream was one of a kind. With the zesty taste, it was very refreshing.

A must to mention is the ambience and the service of the staff. It was definitely a very pleasant experience there. The environment was perfect for a date and the service was extraordinary.

I would rate my overall experience 11/10.

Warmed Baby Squid (pic above)
Pork Cheeks BBQ
Sea Coconut Brulee

Price: $50++

The sauce tasted like authentic chilli crab sauce but with a hint of tomato. It was spicy & tangy which made it delicious.

The pasta was well cooked and chewy. The nori seaweed garnished on top was a plus point as it brought up the flavour of the dish.

The soft shell crab was crispy but it would have been better if the soft shell crab was served hot. Was a bit oily for me but since it is fried, couldn't complain too much.

Despite all, the price was on a higher end. Went there with the 1 for 1 burpple promotion, else it would have been even more expensive. However, it is a cafe below the hotel which explained its price. It was very interesting as the hotel concerige counter was inside the cafe.

Tried other food as well (grilled signature chicken chop, salted egg chicken chop and fish & chips). These food tasted normal as per what we can get from a western stall in the coffee shop/ hawker center.

Overall, food is not value for money but environment was nice.

Rating: 3/5

Chilli Crab Spaghetti @ $24.90 (pic above)
Signature Grilled Chicken Chop @ $23.90
Salted Egg Chicken Chop @ $22.90
Fish & Chips @ $23.90

Had 2 pizzas here at Casa Roma. I doubt they specialise in pizza. From the picture, you can see the ingredients are so limited and not spread out evenly. Little cheese making it not tasty too.

Disappointing: 2/10
Won't come back for the pizza. However, will return to try the pasta that they seem to be more specialised in.

Pizza Ordered:

The pasta is really well cooked. Al-dente 👍 There was loads of clams. Although small but they were really tasty. The sauce was nicely coated on every string of spaghetti which makes the whole dish very delicious. However, i don't think its very worth the price. Would be better if it is cheaper. Staffs were friendly too. However, the location was not very convenient.

Tried other foods too (crepe poulet, cheesy teriyaki chicken , dory fish & chips). Unfortunately, they don't taste as nice as the vongole. It tasted rather normal. I would give a rating of 2 stars for these dishes.

Review: 3.5/5

Spaghetti Vongole (pic above)
Crepe Poulet
Cheesy Teriyaki Chicken
Dory Fish & Chips

Prawn Linguini was instead super tasty. It promised the umani taste and delivered it. It is not an ordinary average seafood spaghetti. The umani is not too strong and empowering, but right at the sweet spot, making it tasty at every bite and wanting more. Prawns are fresh and generous! The garnish, bonito flakes, is ideal for the spaghetti. Overall rating: a generous 8.5/10

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