Also infusing a pinch of Asian touch and some colorfully eye pleasing presentation •

Various type of pasta that goes beyond expectation because of how handmade-springy-thick it felt and definitely made fresh, with a generous amount of topping and sauce at a very affordable price •

Ravioli may not be protein filled but absolutely stuffed with ricotta if you’re a fan, purity from tomato sauce,superbly thick texture of smoked salmon and huge portion that comes with toppings more than you can bargain for #highlyRAEted 🍝 •

Donald’s Nightmare // Olive Oil RM18.90 • The Formiolli // Pomodoro RM18.90 • Son of A Beach // Pomodoro RM21.90 • The Cheesy Elbows RM18.90 // Cream Sauce • House Smoked Salmon RM15.90 •

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