Featuring Bean Brothers (Petaling Jaya), One Half (Random Food Store), Podgy, Restoran Green View (長青海鮮飯店), ทิพย์สมัย ผัดไทยประตูผี - Thipsamai Restaurant, Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant & Villas, Canton-i (1 Utama), K2 (TTDI), 66 Food Court, Teppanyaki (Mid Valley Megamall)
Rachel Yong
Rachel Yong

Behind the consistency and quality for every dish are top culinary chefs from mainland China itself •

The famous handmade Xiao Long Bao’s one of the signature, skillfully made with consistency by ensuring the filling and the layering of each XLB’s skin are of the same •

Hand pulled noodle; La Mian which has its own authentic process, complements the fried pork that is rather non-greasy so well, making it such a hearty meal •

Soy Sauce Chicken RM1 • La Mian w Shanghainese Deep Fried Pork Ribs RM19 • Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings RM15 • Braised Beancurd w Minced Meat & Chili Sauce Szechuan Style RM23 • Fried Rice w Shrimps RM22 • Stir Fried Bentong String Beans w Minced Pork RM25 •

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Hing Ket serves a bed of grilled squid on banana leaf with a unique chili sauce underneath the squid •

Lala fried meehoon, a yummy replacement for rice and many would probably agree it’s even better when the lala has been deshelled, for convenience sake 🤪 •

#hingketgrillhouse #klang #kampungjawa #grilledseafood #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl

Also, an impressive stretch of sweet crepes that suits a healthier sweet tooth appetite •

A cafe that has never given me a reason to stop going this past few years because of its consistency 💯 •

A Hen’s Crush RM19.50 • Go Banananuts ! RM14 •

#strangersat47 #seksyen17 #crepes #savoury #dessert #sweet #cafehopping #cafehopkl #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl

Considering the 1KG Patin fish was brought in - the chef did an amazing job cooking its meat to justice 😍 •

Since it’s a seafood restaurant, there was no reason to pass on seafood. House special curry sauce with squid that was overcooked will have you order more bowl of rice just to be drenched with its gravy •

Superbly well glazed char siew to share, duck meat that wasn’t too overwhelming and most importantly, flavorful fatty huge prawns that aren’t overcooked •

#overseasrestaurant #jalanimbi #cantonesecuisine #chineserestaurant #kualalumpur #eatnowkl #burpple #burpplekl

Each lunch set comes with Saur Rice (Black Eye Pea Rice) that HAS to be eaten with sambal variation for the spicy kick ! •

Soft pork cubes braised in exquisite curry, grilled to perfection quarter chicken that isn’t dry and a wholesome & flavorsome rounded pork sate •

Quite like seating upstairs - rice field mural & “bersila” seating, making the whole experience a little more traditional; Lesehan 😛 #highlyRAEted •

Lunch Set - RM12.90, comes with Teh Serai or Iced Lemon Tea • Be Siap Mepanggang (grilled chicken) • Be Celeng Base Kalas (pork curry) •

#theumabali #kotadamansara #theuma #burpple #burpplekl #balinese #lunchset

That means it’s time to STACK up your mood and say... DOUBLE CHEESE 😬😉😛 burger fanatics gota check this place out for its gourmet pork burger ! •

A burger joint to definitely opt for a sinful-thick pork patty instead of a beef patty because of its Holy Grail juice that oozes out from each gratifying bite, perfectly seasoned •

Handmade patty that is well and evenly coated where it melts over the patty, loved every detail put into the burger #highlyRAEted •

Mighty B // Double Cheddar // Double Pork Patties // Crispy Onion RM22 •

Make it a set with - fries and drinks for RM7.50 cheesy mashed potato and drinks for RM8.50 •

#burgertory #ss15 #subangjaya #porkpatty #porkburger #humpday #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl #feedmytummy

A dessert that isn’t too sweet and you can definitely tell the difference in its texture #highlyRAEted •

Personally not a dessert person but this is one of the rare ones that won my heart •

Uji Matcha // Salted Cherry Jelly // Raindrop • Milk // Rice Dumpling w Hojicha Jelly // Osmanthus Honey Jelly • Milk // Honeycomb // Rice Dumpling w Red Bean • RM23 per set •

#rojimonstericecream #shavedice #dessert #SS15 #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl #dessertporn #dessertcafe

🍕 This Neapolitan Italian pizza’s ideal to warm the soul when it gets super breezy in Genting •

Naples style pizza - lean dough, simple ingredients, tomatoes and cheesus cheessseee. So don’t expect fancy toppings •

With a 12 inches diameter, you’re set for a pizza night to yourself. As with any pizza that hits the spot, it is made from scratch on the spot per order and baked in a wood fired oven •

Amatriciana Pizze // Tomato Sauce // Mozzarella // Minced Chicken // Fresh Chilli RM48 •

#motorino #neapolitanpizza #genting #skyavenue #pizzanight #burpple #burpplekl #eatnowkl #feedmytummy

Can’t do it without a good cuppa to start the day with eh •

Which one’s your profile type ? Black Suit or White Velvet ? ☕️ •

One of many consistently good coffee spot #highlyRAEted •

beanbrothers #sunwaydamansara #flatwhite #coffeeaddict #blacksuit #whitevelvet #cafehopping #cafekl #burpple #burpplekl

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