The rain today makes it great for a piping hot bowl of mala tang (麻辣烫). Don’t say bojio. But if you got time today, check out - China’s largest mala tang chain with over 6,000 outlets worldwide.

Choose from an array of SIXTY ingredients at a flat rate of $2.88 per 100g. The ingredients are relatively fresh and you’ll be spoilt for choice. And the noodles are made in-house - there’s original egg, spinach, sweet potato and carrot to choose from.

You can choose either soup or dry (Mala Ban; 麻辣拌) version. The soup version is highly recommended as you can try the unique mala broth that uses beef stock as its base.

What’s unique is they add evaporated milk and sugar to the spicy mala soup. This helps to mask the otherwise spicy, numbing taste of dried chilli and peppercorn.

Even when I opted for extra spicy, it didn’t feel spicy enough for me and I managed to gulp down the soup. I regretted not asking for more peppercorn (加麻) as the numbing sensation was slightly lacking.

If you can’t take spicy, go for the tomato version. I haven’t tried it though.

Do get the sesame sauce dip too.

Germaphobes need not worry here. You take the tongs and steel bowl that’s sterilised in a cabinet.