Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner; Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge at Veerasamy Road stocks a wide variety that is perfect for any weather - but especially comforting for the rainy days we have been experiencing recently.

A must-order and their signature, please try their Pork Porridge ($2.50/$3) that comes with minced meat, innards, chopped onions, tangchye (preserved salted vegetable) and fragrant fried shallots. Thick, smooth and exceedingly satisfying, the homely bowl was surprisingly flavourful. And similarly, the other combinations such as Slice Fish and Cuttle Fish ($2.50/$3) was nicely balanced and cooked just about right with the fresh ingredients where in each spoonful you can still detect the creamy grains. Loving the simplicity and the warmth it brings! Oh and be sure to add an egg to enhance the full-bodied congee.

[Do expect a long wait at times in the afternoon, but well worth it!]