When very reliable sources like Burpple, and Burpplers Jayne, Muriel and Shao, tell you one of the best burgers in Singapore can be found at Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro, you sit up and listen, then zip over there pronto.
I have been a little slow in doing so (excuse me while I kick myself a little more) but it finally happened - I got my paws on a burger of theirs this evening. The Angus Burger, to be precise. And it was epic.
XL in every aspect, from the toasted and buttered, soft brioche buns to the exceedingly juicy beef patty, it was full-on in taste through and through.
I found it a little tricky fitting the entire height of the burger into my mouth for each bite because the patty alone must've been an inch thick, and it came stacked with tomatoes, a portobello mushroom, gherkins and caramelised onions. But the struggle was well worth it.
Anyone who knows me will tell you I am against tomatoes in burgers and this had two slices. Strangely enough though, they didn't behave the way most tomatoes have under such circumstances. So I dare say I did like them here. It could be because they sat on a bed of melted cheese, which prevented them from soaking into the bottom bun. Yes, wet bread is my ultimate pet peeve.
So burger fans, make sure you zero in on this if you haven't had it before. And by the way, excellent crispy fries and a salad are served alongside.