The humble beginnings of this unassuming salad bar started six years ago, with the intention of providing a healthy, affordable alternative for the CBD crowd. Staying true to its mission, bowls here go for just $4.90 (prices range from $4.90-$5.90 depending on the outlet). Choose five toppings and one salad dressing with a standard serving of mixed mesclun leaves. Favourites include soba, firm tofu, sautéed mixed mushrooms, walnuts and croutons (not the healthiest, but tastes so good!). The hardest part of building your own salad here is probably choosing the dressing — there are 16 to choose from! There are the usual suspects like Caesar and Balsamic Vinaigrette, alongside more unique flavours like Japanese Sesame and Wasabi Mayo. Also opt for a premium topping (additional $1-$2) like Tuna or Rosemary Chicken Breast. With a new outlet at Westgate that opens all week long, there's no reason why westies can't adopt a healthy diet!