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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

First time here and I really enjoyed the variety they have.

The mentaiko salmon was good, not the healthiest option but hey I’m already eating greens. Picked sweet tamago, damn tasty almond, soba and my all-time fav sesame dressing. Was pretty full halfway through. G ordered the curry chicken and it was lighter than expected, pretty good option too.


For starters, the Farmer’s salad ($14) is a refreshing option! Mesclun salad served with baby radish, green apple, compressed orange-infused watermelon, and happy slices of gourmet fusion bakkwa; served with a citrusy yuzu foam/ pulp and tangy citrus vinaigrette.


Grain bowls to make me feel better about myself (temporarily) after all the sinful meals. Quite a generous portion, but then again, prices start from $15. All grain bowls come with shimeiji mushrooms, balsamic cherry tomatoes, roasted zucchini & cauliflowers, sous vide egg. Simply choose a base (brown rice/ quinoa/ baby spinach), protein (pan seared salmon with seaweed butter/ grilled chicken breast/ sous vide beef tenderloin), dressing & add-ons.

Pretty well executed salmon, skin was very crisp while the salmon was moist and tender. Added $0.50 for the charred corn which actually tasted rather buttery. Quite an enjoyable one and I loved the space!


With only one dish on the menu and using a (usually) fail-proof method of cooking, there’s certainly nothing to fault about the thick slab of flakey soft yet firm salmon; topped with mentaiko.

Interesting use of butterfly pea flower tea rice which was sticky, the addition of furikake, corn, cherry tomatoes and cucumber gives a little refreshing crunch. There’s also a perfectly runny sous vide egg. $10 is rather pricey in a hawker centre setting, but quality and portion wise it’s actually a pretty decent rice bowl that I wouldn’t mind the occasional splurge on when I need a good salmon fix.

What irked me the most tho, was the use of disposables. 😢


Served with 3 kinds of chicken - karaage (not crisp enough), spicy chicken and soy garlic chicken; which I couldn’t finish it by myself.

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OMOOMODON has finally opened in E!Avenue! Yay to hearty Korean-Japanese fusion meals that comes with healthier choices such as multigrain rice or the option to build-your-own bowls.

Got the Yes Sir Yes Sir ($12); comes with sirloin steak to your preferred doneness, kimchi omelette, multigrain rice and teriyaki sauce. Not the best but for its price, the steak was pretty decent and tender, and I liked the kimchi omelette. The multigrain rice in the sirloin dish which I also had at Kallang Wave mall previously tasted very much like black glutinous rice, but the ones here were more like normal brown rice🤔 Tbh, quality at Kallang Wave’s seem better so far.


lightly salted, roasted tomatoes with balsamic, garlic herb cheese and curry avocado aioli; a good combination of sweet/salty/hint of sourness and play of textures!


Gorgeous, super sweet and juicy strawberries from the Tochigi prefecture that you can purchase at JR Cafe!

Had fun at the interesting session on the sights that Tochigi has got to offer (gonna add it to my itinerary for my next visit to Japan!) with tasty sweets from @chefyamashita 😍

Thank you @veronicaphua & @sqtop for extending the invite!


The full portion of Mushrooms & Spinach ($14) comes with shoyu egg, juicy pickled shimeiji mushrooms, refreshing baby radish tho I’m still not a fan of the greens. Only wish there was a little more crunchy textures to it. The in-house dressing has got to be the star for me. If you’re on a diet and am craving for chicken rice, this might be your next best option, because the dressing reminds one of it! (Salad with mains comes without egg)


Wouldn't even have ventured here but glad we did! Chiak is a mod-Asian salad-noodle bar concept by Cedele so expect the usual wholesome food. What I really liked about it was the Asian influences in ingredients - you've got charsiew, red miso salmon etc, edamame and wakame fungus instead of the usual greens. Love the flexibility to create your own bowl with choice of a base, protein, two sides, three toppings and one dressing. Or if you're too lazy to pick, simply choose from their signature bowls!
Red Miso Salmon ($13.80) - served with soba, shimeji mushroom, wakame fungus, edamame, sweet and soft roasted pumpkin, seaweed flakes, sesame plum soy dressing. The flavourful dressing was fragrant with a strong sesame taste, paired well with the soba and the savoury-sweet red miso salmon was tasty. My only gripe would be that it was a little on the dry side.

PS. They're currently having a 1-for-1 on their signature bowls from 21st to 25th Nov for both dine-in or takeaways so grab a friend for some good wholesome meal!


One of my favorite for lunch - wide variety to choose from, fresh and affordably priced at $4.90 for 5 toppings (not inclusive of the crunchy green leaves and dressing). I usually opt for teriyaki/bbq chicken and add $1 because I need meat with my greens.


How gorgeous are these greens?! Summer rabbit ($11) consists of a base of your choice, alfalfa sprouts, strawberries, orange, ham and sunflower seeds with honey mustard dressing. Loved the incorporation of juicy fruits making it refreshing, sweet and mildly sour in addition to the slightly salty ham. And because I need meat in my salad (didn't know there was ham), added the tender tasty herb roasted chicken for $2.50. A much better choice than ham. 50% off drinks with purchase of salad, promotion till end of June.



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