For ramen at this price and with a reputation of a Michelin Star award, it should be something extravagant and unimaginably different from the rest of the ramen restaurants in Singapore right? Well, not really. The shoyu ramen from Tsuta looks pretty much like a normal shoyu ramen elsewhere, but the experience while indulging is totally on another scale.

It has a small topping of truffle that brings more flavour to the broth while the intricate smell of truffle causes you to crave for more. After indulging half a bowl, I find myself still feeling hungry for more ramen, while most other ramens would probably be an indicator that I am full.

The Char Siu and Ajitama both were cooked to my expectation; particularly the Char Siu as it doesn't feel too tough to tear apart.

This ramen changes my perspective of ramen in general. With all the fancy ramen and different combinations that try to please the local audience, it is more important than ever to come back to the essential of ramen and improve on it.

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