Before we can dine out and meet our friends again on Friday, why not try Michelin-starred Meta’s Wagyu Short Rib Don ($47+) that’s only available as part of their circuit breaker menu?

The flavourful wagyu short rib that sits atop a bed of rice is so succulent and tender that it literally melts in your mouth. What makes the short rib excellent is how the meat is marinated and cooked - served medium rare as seen with the reddish brown colour of the meat.

Beyond the beef, it’s served with a runny soft boiled egg, maitake mushrooms, pickled vegetables, caramelised onions and garlic chips with spring onions for garnish.

If you’re feeling lavish, you can add a piece of foie gras ($28+) although it isn’t necessary. The foie gras was rich and buttery that elevated the taste profile of the dish. Eat it together with the wagyu and you’ll be on cloud nine. However, the portion of the foie gras didn’t really justify the price too much.

Everything perfectly complemented each other. I don’t usually enjoy eating mushrooms but the maitake mushroom is exceptionally tasty. And the rice was really fragrant and well-seasoned.

I didn’t have many beef bowls during this period but this is certainly unforgettable. The quality of food served tasted just as good as having it when you’re dining in.

Available for takeaway and delivery.