Hidden in the Everton Park neighbourhood is an unassuming bakery that opened to little fanfare. It’s founded by a retiree who decided to chase his dreams and pursue his passion for baking at Le Cordon Bleu. Enter his brainchild - Mr Madeleine.

Mr Madeleine specialises in madeleines, as the bakery’s name suggests. It’s a small, takeaway only setup located in a HDB estate, but boy do they serve delicious madeleines. With 7 different flavours on the menu (price varies), we had difficulty choosing which to try. We settled on the peanut butter, coconut gula melaka and dark chocolate chips, although there were other interesting flavours like teh tarik and classic citrus calling out as well.

A local brand of madeleines we’re probably all familiar with is Delifrance, but the similarities at Mr Madeleine and Delifrance end at the shape and name of the baked offering. Mr Madeleine’s rendition is aromatic, light and buttery. I particularly enjoyed the dark chocolate chip and peanut butter flavour, although the peanut butter taste could be a little stronger. The coconut gula melaka was a bit of a miss for me, but I appreciate the creativity in a local spin on the French classic.

The madeleines are all made with premium European butter, and are also perfectly accompanied by a cup of hot coffee or tea. They might not be the cheapest, but they’re far from the most expensive. Given the high quality ingredients used, I definitely think they’re worth the price and highly recommend dropping by! I’m personally looking forward to returning to try the other flavours (and other baked stuff - read: focaccia and pizza!!!) as well!