Whenever I feel like releasing my inner chee ko pek, I pay Hooters a visit. Nothing I love more than ogling hot chicks like a perverted old uncle in a polo tee and three-quarter shorts on the MRT. And by hot chicks, I mean the spicy chicken wings, of course! Hooters is most famous for their chicken wings, so when my friend asked if I wanted to go to Hooters, I was down.

I used my 1 for 1 deal on Burpple Beyond and got 2 sets of 10 wings for the same price hohoho

🍗 Hooters Chicken Wings (9/10)
Since I had a 1 for 1 deal, we ordered two flavours on opposite ends of the spice spectrum: Triple Dog Dare and BBQ. Triple Dog Dare was awarded five fire symbols on the Hooters menu, leading me to believe that my mouth would be set aflame, but unfortunately, I forgot that Hooters originated in the USA, where the people believe that pepper is spicy. No kick, would give it half a flame in terms of spice. It was still pretty tasty though. BBQ, on the other hand, didn't taste like BBQ at all. It didn't have the smokey flavour of BBQ and tasted more sweet. However it was still really good, the wings were so crispy and juicy. Would return for these!

🍟 Tex-Mex Nachos ($21.90++) (6/10)
Biggest disappointment, not worth the price at all. For $21.90++ you get a decently sized plate of nachos but the toppings are so meagre, barely any pork meat and only a tiny dollop of guac. Everything tastes pretty eh too, like everything was pre-made. Skip this, honestly. You can get better nachos at Huevos or GYG.

Also had the mocktails, forgot the names but they're really refreshing like fruit juices. However they were like $10 each which is so overpriced and it doesnt even have booze so id skip.