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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🍦Choux Buns, Vanilla Ice Cream, Warm Chocolate Sauce & Almond ($10)
A simple yet satisfying dessert, these choux buns sandwich a large amount of vanilla ice cream. Its a pretty simple yet delectable dessert for the lovers of the classics.

🍮Crème Brûlée infused with Fresh Vanilla Beans ($10)
Probably my fav dessert of the night. The creme brulee was super rich and silky with the warmth of the vanilla beans accentuating its already luxurious flavour. The crispy torched sugar on top was the perfect textural contrast to the smooth custard.

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🐟Papillote ($15)
This is only available for the lunch menu and is designed to be a convenient yet delicious takeaway option. Personally didn’t try this as I don’t take fish but it was so tender when cut into and my dining mates all loved it.

🥩Minute Steak, Mustard Cream Sauce 150g ($25)
This dish is meant to be for sharing but honestly I’d gladly devour the whole thing myself. The steak is tender but chewy enough with beefy undertones and delightful roasted broccolini, which was equally as good. The mash was a nice pairing due to its more neutral taste. Def must try!

🦞Lobster Bisque, Shellfish Meat, Hennessy Cognac 100ml ($10)
Super rich, creamy and complex in taste with a strong shellfish taste. Everyone at the table was really impressed, and even I, someone who doesn’t like seafood, enjoyed it!

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🦪Steamed Mussels, Saffron Cream Sauce, Sourdough ($20)
Didnt try the mussels cuz I don’t like it but the saffron cream sauce was really creamy with a sour tartness to balance it out, not bad.

🐌Baked Escargot, Tomato Fondue, Garlic Butter ($15)
This was my first time trying escargot, it honestly tasted just like a mushroom, even in texture. Not my favourite dish but maybe that’s cuz I’m not into escargot to begin with.

🍞House Butters & Bread ($10)
This is honestly one of the best bread dishes I’ve ever had… 3 slices of brioche (you can choose your preferred kind, either brioche, sourdough or nut) paired with 2 tubs of Smoked Butter and Seaweed Butter. I didnt just go back for seconds, I had thirds and fourths and fifths to the point where I was hella jelak but it was worth it!! Every bread and butter fan’s dream come true, MUST TRY!!!

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🍝Chicken Rosé Pasta ($10.50)
Never had rosé pasta before and tbh I found that the sauce just tasted like diluted bolognese sauce without the meat chunks. Pretty meh, would get the other dishes over this.

🧄Aglio Olio ($10.50)
Took a bite of my friend’s Aglio Olio, its a pretty standard plate of aglio olio with garlic and herbs. Nothing super outstanding, just a really solid plate of spaghetti.

🧀Mac & Cheese ($10.90)
I love a good Mac & Cheese and The Tree Cafe’s version is pretty good. The cream sauce is really savoury and kind of tastes a bit like mushroom soup imo, it generously covers all the macaroni. There are also some chicken chunks inside, not a lot but pretty ok for the price. Would get again!

🍟Loaded Fries ($12.90) (7.5/10)
I felt that this was kinda average, there wasnt enough topping to coat all the fries but the serving was pretty generous. Could be more ingredients to sell the loaded aspect, but the price is quite reasonable.

Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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