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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🍟 Assembly Truffle Fries ($14++) (8.2/10)
The amount of fries served was really generous! I always appreciate receiving a mountain of fried golden sticks. These fries came with a small tub of truffle mayo and had a small sprinkle of shaved parmagiano on top. The fries had a nice truffle oil flavour on them alone and the truffle mayo was adequately strong too. I think the 2nd time I had these, they were actually better with a stronger taste. They were also slightly more sour but not bad! For the price and the massive serving you get, worth a try!

🍝 Truffle Carbonara ($24++) (8/10)
Honestly I don't find the truffle taste in this carbonara to be all that strong, at certain points I couldn't taste it at all. But the pasta on its own was good. The sauce was veeeery creamy, milky and silky, and the fettucine was cooked al dente, so it was slightly firm and not so mushy or soft. Very generous mushrooms too. The first time I tried this I wasn't that into it cuz of how different it tasted from my expectations but I really liked it on my second try.

πŸ• Truffle Scented Mushroom with Egg ($24++) (8.2/10)
The pizza base is similar to a prata with flaky and crispy sides while the interior is a little doughier. I must say I quite liked this kind of crust! But again, the truffle taste was negligible, with some bites boasting a rich truffle oil aroma while others were pretty plain. The first time, our egg came fully cooked, while the second time, we got that really glorious runny egg (which my friend dislikes but egg doneness is really up to personal pref). Would have liked more truffle taste but still a bomb ass pizza πŸ‘Œ

πŸ₯© Truffle Beef Burger ($26) (9.7/10)
Have you ever had a burger so impossibly good that you find yourself craving it at every mealtime and subconsciously comparing every subsequent burger you have to it? That's how I feel with this Truffle Beef Burger, that is probably the best burger I've had by far. This is partially because of my intense obsession with all things truffle. I firmly believe that truffle makes everything about 14 times better, and it helps that the truffle in this burger is the strongest out of all the truffle burgers I've ever had. Each bite has that lingering fragrance of savoury truffle, paired with stretchy, melty cheese, fluffy, buttery brioche and a super thick beef patty. The only gripe I have with this would be the patty, which was pretty dry and tough but that could be my own fault because I ordered medium well instead of medium rare (mixed them up oops). Not sure if it would be different had it been medium rare but I did not like the dryness. Fries were pretty good but quite standard, the burger is definitely the stand out here!

πŸ— Spicy Sriracha Chicken Burger ($24) (9/10)
I took a bite of my friend's chicken burger and while I prefer the truffle burger I got, the chicken is really tender and crispy with a flavourful spice to it. It also comes with a side of parmesan fries which were good too, but my greedy, gluttonous self would prefer muuuuuch more parmesan.

πŸ” Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger
πŸ“25 Degrees (@25degreesinsingapore)
πŸ“Œ 200 Middle Road (Bencoolen)
πŸ’° $14

Here's a piece of extremely obvious advice but it needs to be said: never, NEVER dabao a fried chicken burger. You wanna know why? The chicken will become SOGGY. Soggier than a wet sponge on a humid SG afternoon, because the condensation and the moisture of the other ingredients will turn your luscious, delightfully crispy chicken into a wet and flaccid piece of meat that can't be revived in the oven. Trust me, I've tried. Bottom line is, if you're gonna have this burger, have it fresh at the restaurant or you'll be knocking at least 15 tasty points off your gastronomic experience.

This burger consists of a piece of buttermilk fried chicken, gherkins, sriracha mayonnaise, lettuce and fresh tomatoes. Taste-wise I feel like only the fried chicken stands out (aside from the unfortunate soggy-ness) as it's really thick, juicy and bursting with salty and spicy flavours. The other elements are pretty standard and in all honesty you could probably get a cheaper fried chicken burger elsewhere with the same taste profile.

⭐ Rating: 8.7/10 soggy chicks
πŸ€‘ worth the price: at 1 for 1 price, yes
πŸ¦– would I buy again: yes but only if it's eaten at the restaurant and not dabaoed
πŸ’ would I marry: yerr

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Been seeing so many reviews of 25 Degrees burgers, with some touting them as the best burgers in Singapore. Meanwhile, others say that it's not as good as its made out to be. I decided to try it out for myself and got the crowd favourite, Number One, which is a burger consisting of a sirloin steak beef patty, caramelized onions, crescenza, prelibato gorgonzola, bacon, arugula and thousand island dressing.

I had this burger twice, once fresh in the restaurant and the other after dabao-ing and self reheating. Lemme just say that the difference is pretty significant, so definitely dine-in when getting this.

The beef patty is a little different from other beef burgers I've had. The mince is a little less fine and has a chewier, more steak-like texture to it. It's also really generously seasoned with pepper, making it the pepperiest patty I've had. I'd say I prefer other beef patties I've had but the standout of this would definitely be that extremely thicc and generous amount of meat.

This burger is pretty loaded with ingredients that give it a variety of flavour and texture, like the salty, crispy bacon and the sweet caramelised onions. I can see why this is a crowd favourite! However personally I didn't enjoy the cheese as much because it's those rubbery kinds that don't melt, and melty cheese is the best cheese imo.

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πŸ₯— Salmon Salad ($5.90) (5/10)
I didn't eat the salmon, I just had the veggies. You could very easily throw this together yourself. Iceberg lettuce is one of the cheapest veggies, same with corn, spinach, cherry tomatoes. Skip the salad. That's not why you're at Saizeriya, are you?

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🍝 Milano Gratin ($4.90) (7.9/10)
Now THIS is the good stuff. If you're an inadequate cook and a disgrace to the Gordon Ramsays of the world, Saizeriya's gratins are a godsend, providing affordable yet deliciously cheesy pasta / rice to the comfort of your table. I drowned my gratin in parmesan because I'm a fatass and there's honestly nothing more comforting that a warm plate of cheesy, creamy penne. However I'd knock points off for the ant-sized serving, but at this price, how could you complain?

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πŸ₯© Sirloin Steak ($11.90) (7/10)
Tip to remove the steak from the hotplate immediately or else it'll continue cooking til it's well done and unless you're Jiyeon from Single's Inferno, you probably wouldn't want a chewy, overcooked steak. Pretty average with miserable sides of 3 potato wedges and a spoonful of corn. Give this a miss, you could get a better steak dish at any coffee shop Western stall.

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Unfortunately, they do NOT look like the pictures. Was lowkey shocked when they were served cuz for $17, I was expecting something atas like in the advertised pics but these look like pasar malam standard... :/ oh well. Taste is king.

The kroffles were a huge let down, sadly. They were pretty doughy on the inside and not flaky or crispy. Also were not buttery or fragrant. I've had much better croissants from BreadTalk and Crolo. These just tasted really average like supermarket croissants squished in a waffle iron, which I definitely did not expect from such an expensive and well-known cafe.

πŸ“ Mixed Berries (7.5/10)
Slightly sour and sweet from the jam and topped with a few berries, this is pretty average and tastes like something you could make at home.

🍫 Chocolate (7.5/10)
Also just tastes like a croissant with some milk chocolate spread on it. Nothing amazing. Also didnt come with chopped strawberries like in the pic.

πŸ§€ Garlic Cream Cheese (7.7/10)
Was expecting the garlic to be infused in the cream cheese but it was just cream cheese with a few garlic slices on top :/ disappointing and doesnt taste like gcc buns.

πŸ₯‘ Lime Avocado (7.6/10)
The avocado taste was almost non-existent and didnt come with avocado topping like in the pics 😩 still tasted nice but def more lime than avocado.

🌽 Corn Cheese (7.6/10)
I can't tell whether I like or dislike this?? I like the generous toppings but the cheese tastes like processed sliced ones instead of actual cheese. Like it more than some other kroffles but I was confused.

πŸ₯“ Bacon Mash Potato (7.9/10)
Sweet and savoury, I liked this! Def unique and pretty hearty.

🧑 Cinnamon (7.7/10)
Simple but surprisingly one of the ones I liked more! Still not worth the price though.

πŸ’› Honey Mustard Cream Cheese (6.2/10)
This was the weirdest tasting one. Dont know what the things on top are but theyre sourish. Mustard and cc is a no-go for me but it's unique at least.

πŸ” Eighteen Beef Burger ($12.90) (9.4/10)
This burger comes with a beef patty, nacho cheese, a fried egg and vegetables, sandwiched between fluffy, buttery brioche buns, with a side of shoestring fries and garlic chilli sauce. I don't know how I havent tried this earlier because it's soooo good! I haven't had a beef burger with an egg in it before so this was definitely very unique. Honestly, what else can I say other than "wow"? The beef patty was juicy with a crumbly mouthfeel, paired with the fried egg, salty nacho cheese and the gloriously fluffy burger buns, this burger is definitely one for the books. The fries are pretty standard along with the sauce, which tastes like your regular bottled garlic chilli sauce with extra toppings on it. But overall I'd get this again.

🍟 Salted Egg Fries ($6.90) (6.5/10)
Nope. Severely overpriced and not that good. The sauce has kind of a doughy taste, it's not sweet or savoury enough. The only flavour profile I can gather from it is saltiness along with that odd doughy taste. It tastes generally quite cheap. The fries taste like your typical shoestring fries, they get kinda stale and soggy really quickly. Definitely not worth $6.90, skip this if you visit.

Can't believe I've always stuck to the DIY baked rice when this burger existed 😩 believe it or not, I've never tried their signature heart attack fried rice, perhaps I'll give that a go next?

πŸ€‘ worth the price: burger, yes, fries, hell no
πŸ¦– would I buy again: yess to the burger
πŸ’ would I marry: yess

Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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