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Seafood Pancake $11.90++
Jjajangmyeon $11.90++
Japchae $9.50++
(1-for-1 deal on main dishes, Tuesdays 6-8PM)
* Iced water is served F.O.C

Queued at 7.40pm, ordered at 7.55pm, all dishes arrived by 8.30pm

- Loved the Seafood Pancake
- Jjajangmyeon portion is huge but...seriously does not taste authentic. Could not finish and will not order again
- Japchae flavour was good but noodles were overcooked and lacked chewiness
- Banchan was served in little plastic disposable cups. Both the corn and kimchi smelled bad and tasted off, so we returned to the staff. The sesame seaweed Banchan was good. Mixed it into my Jjajangmyeon to try to mask its weird herby taste.