Yay! Mookata in a neighbourhood coffee shop which also means cheaper rental = cheaper price tag on the consumer. The coffee shop is brightly lit on a Friday night with most stalls being quiet/closed.

We had the 2-3 pax set meal ($28) which comes with thai black pepper chicken, thai garlic lean meat, honey pork belly, fish ball, meat ball. crab stick, hot dog, prawns, squid, scallops, cabbage, xiao bai cai, golden mushroom, corn, carrot, tang hoon & egg. They provide 2 types of chilli dips with green spicy & sour and red spicy & sweet. Both chilli are nice but I prefer the red one coz it’s spicier and has more kick to it. Added thai instant noodle @ $1 per portion. Their soup base tasted like carrot/radish soup with sweetness in it and best, not salty even after we finished.

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