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Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Stir-fry lala bee hoon with an abundance of clams, white pepper and coriander. This was supposedly one of their popular items on the menu. The bee hoon soaks up the flavours of clam with peppery spice lingering between the gravy and bee hoon. Although the gravy is taste on its own, the taste of pepper overpowers the other flavours in this dish and the natural sweetness of clam was somehow missing somewhere 》$18

Boat noodles are traditionally sold at Thai floating markets. The dish is served in small servings on boats to prevent spillage on choppy waters.

BKK Bistro & Bar boat noodles are as cheap as $0.80 per bowl. Those who prefer a bigger portion can opt for the medium size ($7.80) or consider the supersize ($20.80) which includes all toppings. A perfect place for late-night supper when they are open till 3am every night.

The boat noodles come with two soup bases - red tom yum and herbal boat noodle soup with a choice of noodles (glass noodle/rice noodle) and toppings such as prawn, beef ball, beef slice, pork ball, pork liver and pork slice.

The glass noodles are smooth with a nice firm and springy bite which went well with the spicy and flavourful tom yum soup. The soup wasn't too spicy or overwhelmingly rich and it has some milky flavour in there.

Of all the toppings in my pork bowl, I like the pork balls that are sweet and springy which kind of resembles chicken meat. The pork slices were normal and I left the livers untouched since I do not eat them

Medium Pork Bowl 》$7.80

This is good enough to bring me back to Thailand. Comes with a good amount of prawns and mushrooms and it has a well-balanced spicy-sour taste, making it perfect especially on rainy days 》$12

The fried rice lacks wok-hei while the omelette is too rich (creamy and buttery) which gets jelak over time. They are however generous with the portion and crab meat makes it value for money. The chunks of crab meat were fresh, sweet and went really well with their tangy, sweet and savoury chilli. Pair it with the fried rice for more flavours 》$10

If you have more people to share, they also have a special omelette fried rice ($29) that comes with fried rice, garlic pork, Thai basil pork and seafood omelette with crab meat and prawn.

A generous portion of fresh prawns, fish, squid and mushrooms drowned in a broth that is full of flavour, tangy and quite spicy. We went for their level 2 spiciness which was also the original Thai spice level and the closest to Bangkok’s taste. This is a must-order if you are a fan of tom yum 》$9

Impressive pineapple fried rice that is well loaded with fresh pineapples, prawns, raisins, Chinese sausage and cashew nuts before being topped with pork floss to give the dish an added texture. The portion is enough to be shared between 2 pax and it would be a good option if you wish to try a variety of dishes 》$9

It feels jelak trying to finish this plate of pad thai because it is very greasy with not much taste. At least the texture of noodles was alright, chewy and not sticking together but missing the wok-hei. A good plate of pad thai should have a balance of sweet, sticky and savoury with some tangy hints 》$5

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A very ordinary plate of pineapple fried rice that is sweet with clumps of sticky rice. Comes with pieces of pineapple, prawn, raisin, crab stick and sweet pork floss 》$5.50

The moo ping (grilled pork skewer) was really good. These succulent grilled pork skewers were juicy and well-executed. It also came with an amazing limey and garlicky chilli sauce 》$8.80 (3 Pcs)

Chicken skin fried to a crispy golden brown, coated with spices with sweet Thai chilli by the side. Perfect snack to go with beer while waiting for the main dish to be served 》$7.80

The signature dish here is the claypot prawn vermicelli. Other than prawns, they have other seafood options to go with vermicelli such as mud crab, scallop, lala clams, foie gras, lobster, codfish and king crab. Additional toppings for extra vermicelli, abalone slice, jumbo king crab meat, Korean lala and foie gras are also available.

I got myself the king tiger prawn vermicelli which was served piping hot, topped with lard and spring onions. The vermicelli was the highlight of the dish and it is cooked using the traditional bake cooking method from Thailand. The prawns were huge, fresh, succulent and the noodles were peppery and packed with flavours. It has definitely absorbed the goodness of the prawns and seasonings, leaving me wanting more of it 》$18.80

A satisfying bowl of tom yum soup with seafood such as squid ring, prawn, fish, tomato and mushroom with a good balance of spiciness and sourness. The tangy flavour makes it so refreshing and wanting to have more 》$6

I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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