$32++ per pair

Set Details:
Nachos with guacamole and sour cream dip
Quinoa salad (per photo attached)
Chicken Tacos (2 wrap servings)
Latino Pasta

Honestly one of the best places I’ve dined at. Ambience and taste of food was beautiful.

Nachos was ordinary. Refillable dips so, be generous at each bite.

Quinoa salad was my top dish. There was red quinoa, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, corn bits, cotija cheese and black beans. Some of the quinoa was fried to give that extra crunch which was an excellent technique. The flavour is absolutely amazing.

Chicken tacos was so good. The sauce literally drips out of the wrap at each bite. This is how generous they were at their ingredients served.

Latino pasta had a crab and tomato sauce. The crab taste was eminent. You really have to try this when you visit this place!

The dessert was also amazing. A moist coconut cake with pineapple fruit compote. It was served in a pool of what I suppose is coconut cream. The dish was cold and provided a complete ending to the entire meal.

Extra orders:
Beef skewers $13 - They used quality beef, seasoned with pesto and onions over a bed of thick-cut evenly salted fries. 3 juicy skewers served. Really delicious but filling enough to be a dish on its own for small eaters. Again, they did not disappoint with this mouthwatering dish.

Total bill: $52.97