Always lazy to review Dim Sum because I have to take a picture of every dish that comes my way... this time I took only one from Tim Ho Wan because it was my first time trying it! (The usuals include their pork bun/siew mai).
It came piping hot and evidently freshly fried. Great aroma as well. Hot and crispy, filling was generous, with shrimps, and even some vegetables in it. Admittedly, this dish was doused with oil and really made you feel that fullness and bloat when you have more than you should. So highly recommended for sharing with at least 3 or more pax; or at least limit yourself to just 2 halves?🤣 still entirely depends on you🤣 nonetheless, while Tim Ho Wan’s Dim Sum are relatively acceptable on my standards, I personally think that they fall on the pricier side. Yet, considering how most of their stalls are located in shopping Malls, it is barely a surprise.