If you are a fish lover and don't mind picking out some bones, this will be a grilled fish from heaven for you. The full Grilled Striped Hokke Set Meal ($18.80) came with a really generous portion of grilled fish, which was so incredibly smoky and fatty. Although there may be some bones here and there, this is one meaty fish worthy picking out the bones for. Though I believe they can go easier on the salt as it was too salty, you can still taste the sweetness and freshness of the fish, coupled with the juicy rich flavours that the meat releases as they melt in your mouth. I think 1 whole fish may be too fatty for 1 person to finish, so perhaps you can order the half portion one at a cheaper price 😂 This is one fish I will crave and will travel for. Will ask them to put less salt next time!

Don Don Donki @ The Central Clarke Quay

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