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We had the Beef Teriyaki ($6.90) and Smoked Chicken ($5.50) and thanks to my girlfriend’s Burpple Beyond we only paid $6.90 for both of them!!!

Honest and simple ingredients done right with the highlight being the buttered toast made with thick fluffy white bread! Crispy and aromatic! Everything is cooked upon order just like how toast is supposed to be eaten, hot and crisp!

Smoked Chicken sandwich was honest goodness with scrambled eggs and cheese topped with shredded chicken meat and mayonnaise. Nothing fancy but delicious nonetheless!

Beef Teriyaki was really good with the beef coming in a “pulled-pork” texture that gels really well with the sandwich bread as well as the egg yolk that was mixed into the beef! The toast also soaks in the teriyaki sauce which adds umami flavour to the toast!

Definitely recommend!