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Featuring Pasta Supremo, Pasta e Formaggio (Marina Square), Burlamacco Ristorante, Thai-licious Boat Noodles, MuYoo (Raffles City), Long Black Cafe, Egg Stop (ChinaTown Point), Morettino Cafè Singapore
Song Ko Goh
Song Ko Goh

The Four Cheese Tortellini ($18.90) was okay, ironically the bacon portion overwhelmed the pasta, good problem? Still a problem though. Also did not taste much flavour in the cheese nor tortellini fillings.

Pizza is very generic, the Meat Lover’s ($18.90) used picnic ham. Again, the cheese felt watery.

Would go somewhere else for better quality and more authentic italian fix, even with the Burple Beyond 1-for-1

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Once again, I find more and more validation that classic tried-and-tested pasta dishes are the best way to approach pasta as I got disappointed by the lack of depth of “fusion” or “local” pasta.

The “Chicken Rice” Pasta ($16++) realized that Chicken Rice should just be Chicken Rice. Kudos that the poached chicken was done nicely but the whole pasta dish just tastes like dried al dente ban mian in a watery a concoction of diluted chucken stock and garlic ginger chicken rice chili sauce. The reason why we should not explore certain fusion dish ideas because it just doesn’t work.

The Porky Marinara ($14++) was nothing to shout about, carried by its pork belly slices and deep fried pork lard crumbles. The sauce, which is the heart of a pasta dish, was an uninteresting and unflavourful tomato-ey sauce.

We also ordered two sides.

Corn and Crab ($6++) was corn kernels with cooked crab mince with some Japanese furikake. Not bad, not amazing.

The Spiced Supremo Chicken Skins ($6++) was great with a cumin-based seasoning to the crispy chicken skin

Despite the good value provided by Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Mains and Sides, I think overall, the palate of Pasta Supremo does not match our preferences at all in terms of complementary ingredients and tastes which is definitely what makes or breaks fusion cuisine.

My go-to whenever I eat here with my colleagues.
Consistently rich, creamy truffley as I like it.
Even more worth it with Burpple Beyond!

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Honestly I feel bad for using Burpple Beyond at times. Quality food, quality wine, quality service!

I won’t use the pictures of the mains because theh were so kind to portion the mains into two for us!

Started off with some complimentary bread and it is delicious, toasty and fragrant. Don’t get too full on this before the mains!

We shared the [Linguine] Arrabiata-style Tomato-based linguine with a delectable fresh lobster tail. No frills, fresh ingredients made it good.

[Manzo] Beef Short Ribs was the best and most tender I have ever had, I was holding back trying to steal the girlfriend’s portion.

Ended off with [Costata] -pictured- sinful chocolate tart topped with vanilla gelato. Again, delicious!

We also had a glass of Nero red wine each and it tasted of good quality as well.

Guess what, this whole meal with 2 mains, 2 glasses of wine and 1 dessert only cost me less than $100 nett thanks to Burpple Beyond!

Will return even without Beyond!


Perhaps it is our Singaporean tastebuds or that we don’t know how to appreciate authentic Italian food? But this Italian-origin cafe just didn’t make the cut in terms of fulfilling our love of Italian food.

Parma Ham Pizza (pictured) for $28++ was average at best with unsatisfying shreds of parma ham.

The Chicken Parmiggiano for $24++ did slightly better but you can’t really screw up fried chicken anyway. Tomato lovers will enjoy this as it was tooped with tasty tomato puree but cheese lovers not so much as there was underwhelming amounts of cheese.

Only acceptable because of Burpple Beyond 1-for-1

Spagtacular has a menu offering both your standard pasta choices (aglio olio, carbonara, bolognese, pesto) but what caught our eye was their asian-inspired fusion dishes so of course being adventurous individuals we decided to go all out and get only the fusion ones.

We chose the Kimchi Spring Spaghetti with Crispy Fried Pork Belly - veering more towards spicy than sour which suited myself as I disliked sour food, the pork belly was pretty good not that crispy but rather tender. However, did not impress. Not a big fan of Kimchi so maybe that’s not fair for me to judge.

I am... a big fan of Chili Crab though, so I can say that the Chilli Crab Spaghetti was less-than-spagtacular for sure, being one of those tomatoey, scrambled eggy sauce instead supplemented with seafood like mussels, prawns and squid, essentially everything except crab itself haha.

Despite everything, another chance will be given to Spagtacular to impress with their traditional pasta options and given the affordability ($16.50 maximim for 2 pastas with Burpple Beyond), why not?

With the latest trend of dirty drinks, we decided to try MuYoo after hearing recommendations by a friend especially after getting sorely disappointed by the overhyped 🐯

Tried the Strawberry + Milk Dirty Drink ($3.90) and my girlfriend got the Avocado + Brown Sugar + Milk Dirty Drink ($3.90). Once again, hurrah for Burpple Beyond which gave us 1-for-1!

Not a huge fan of avocado but I can say that the avocado tasted fresh and the taste was not sugarcoated by the brown sugar syrup!

I loved my Strawberry drink which I can just sum up as the liquidized form of a strawberry sundae, except its not overly sweet and you can really taste the freshness and smoothness of the milk.

Definitely give it a try, before the hype train comes along and the queue starts forming!

We got the River Prawn Tom Yam Noodle ($10.50) and also the Pad Thai with Omelette ($10.50) using Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!

The ingredients used are definitely fresh and of good quality especially the prawns which were in both dishes.

I liked the Tom Yam broth of the noodles, it was rich, spicy and sweet. Gets a little gelat after awhile so it’ll be more ideal for sharing!

Here’s the huge downfall, the rice noodles! Used in both dishes, it was supposed to be the star, however, it was everything I DO NOT WANT in rice noodles : hard and tough to bite while at the same time sticky? (takes some skill to achieve this as well as this is quite hard to achieve? hahaha)

Perhaps this is just my own take but if what I’ve described suits exactly your taste in rice noodle texture then this is the place for you!

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We had the Beef Teriyaki ($6.90) and Smoked Chicken ($5.50) and thanks to my girlfriend’s Burpple Beyond we only paid $6.90 for both of them!!!

Honest and simple ingredients done right with the highlight being the buttered toast made with thick fluffy white bread! Crispy and aromatic! Everything is cooked upon order just like how toast is supposed to be eaten, hot and crisp!

Smoked Chicken sandwich was honest goodness with scrambled eggs and cheese topped with shredded chicken meat and mayonnaise. Nothing fancy but delicious nonetheless!

Beef Teriyaki was really good with the beef coming in a “pulled-pork” texture that gels really well with the sandwich bread as well as the egg yolk that was mixed into the beef! The toast also soaks in the teriyaki sauce which adds umami flavour to the toast!

Definitely recommend!

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