Brined for 2 weeks before it hits the grill for that lovely char and the oven for that perfectly even cook - no sous vide involved here. The wagyu tomahawk itself is ordered without the bone so you gain all that ‘bone’ weight in meat. It’s finally crusted in toasted black sesame before being served with slow roasted tomatoes and ohsoamazingcaramelised carrots.
The meat is then carved and served at the table, in batches, so the meat stays juicy and warm throughout the meal. The richness of the meat, with a little tartness from the tomatoes and sweetness from the caramelised carrots - takes you to a happy food coma after the meal is done.
Don’t forget to also try their soups and pastas (tomato soup, Muddy Mushroom soup, Clammy Addiction and Caramel Carnivore (the upgraded version has meatballs now!) pastas being some of my favorites! Too bad the killed the Bourdain). A reservation and a $100 deposit is required when you book the wagyu tomahawk or the short ribs. Go with at least 4 pax or 3 monsters. You won’t regret this.
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