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Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong
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Ali has popped up in Singapore for 3 days, bringing along its signature brews and food.
The Daddy (pictured) - pork bacon, scrambled eggs, and ST. Ali BBQ sauce on and English muffin. Simple, and well executed, the eggs were scrambled to perfection, leaving silky ribbons to pair with a tangy BBQ sauce with bits (of what felt like a relish) in it to cut the richness of the bacon and egg in the English Muffin. You get a quick, delicious breakfast without the frills. Paired with an excellent filter brew of Indonesian Toraja Kalosi Natural, my Sunday morning was made much better today.
If you feel like experiencing a bit of Melbourne in Singapore, you have till 8pm tonight to get to @bearded.bella for your dose of @st_ali!

Though it was nowhere as cold as Melbourne at the pop up and the vine, quite different from the cafe in Aussie, the food and coffee were reminiscent of my previous trips to @st_ali. This begs the question, will we see ST. Ali opening in Singapore soon? And if we will, will the local outpost uphold the spirit of quality of the OG. #burpple #stalicoffee

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To put this simply, it’s amazing how tomatoes and fried bread can taste so freaking good together - almost like an Italian rojak! Definitely ordering this again when I’m back. #burpple #barcicheti

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That cauliflower mash is smooth as hell, and the coriander cress provides a fresh, intense burst of coriander that cuts the richness of the meat. While the secreto iberico pork has great flavor, it was also drier and tougher than its previous iteration using mangalica pork which was fattier, but moist and tender when served. Hopefully we’ll see the mangalica pork back on the menu soon! #burpple #burgerlabo


This is perhaps the most unique dessert I have eaten in a while. The soursop mousse was divine, and the soursop sugar tuile double downs on that flavor. The hint of mint, lemon and salt adds some dimension to the dessert. As usual, @madaboutsucre never fails to blow your mind with their desserts. #burpple #madaboutsucre

A mix of traditional flavors and modern cooking, the ingredients and sauces are prepared with much thought and effort for that perfect mouthful.
Personally, I’d recommend the Soy Citrus Salmon with the Buckwheat noodles, with either the Apple Cider Gochujang or the Soy Garlic Jang. The Soy Citrus Salmon is cured to intensify its flavor, and torched (just before serving) for that smokey umami taste - the citrus is slightly lost and it could benefit from a spritz of citrus after the torching - however, this is still super delicious even without that. I found the buckwheat noodles to be quite unique in texture and that went very well with the mad addictive Soy Garlic Jang that I chose. Never have a rice bowl without a sous vide egg, so don’t forget to add that to your order on top of your free option of 5 sides. If you enjoy your gochujang and want something special, go for the Apple Cider Gochujang which is spicy and tangy at the same time (almost like a solid BBQ sauce but not). After adding your choice of sauce, put on the lid of the pretty Dosirak box and shake to combine the sauce with the rest of the ingredients and enjoy your delicious guilt free meal (all bibimbaps are under 500kcal if you are counting calories). Whoever said healthy food always tastes bland needs to eat their words.
A suggestion for the team at Dosirak would be to have an option for an upsized box for the hungry boys in the office who need their carbs to function. (As requested by my colleagues who had them for lunch earlier this week thanks to Deliveroo). Thanks to @mdyteo @dosiraksg and @burpple for the invitation and for sharing the stories behind your concept. #burpple #dosiraksg

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That’s a mouthful of ingredients but it’s a hellava delicious mouthful of food. The pickles and atchara provide the acidity to balance the delicious smokey savory pig’s head sisig and the salted egg aioli ties the elements together. The chickpea naan threatened to fall apart as we rolled it up to eat, but held together till the entire roll was devoured. I would totally eat this a few more times before it runs out at the end of June. Go! Now! #burpple #parkbenchdeli #meatsmithsg


Thanks to the staff who accommodated my request for have my eggs scrambled instead of the default option (poached) because poached eggs has never been my thing. However that request might have not been the wisest decision.
The scrambled eggs were done @mcdsg style (hard and lifeless). The broccolini was bland and could definitely use some char and seasoning. The portion of thick cut bacon seemed underwhelming (second picture shows half the piece of bacon). The dish was also devoid of any taste of truffle (despite its name) save for the 2 pieces of shaved truffle atop the broccolini.
Now that I’ve put the description of the dish above, and took a second look at the second picture, I realized that the truffle hollandaise might have been accidentally left out of the dish, explaining the lack of ‘truffleness’ and the bland dish. We managed to still finish the dish with the help of some salt, and the excellent ham and brioche on the plate.
Go there for the coffee, but I might fill my stomach elsewhere for now. #burpple #fiveoarscoffeeroasters

Five Oars is a beautiful place to be at, anytime of the week. The clean, white and grey decor, accented by dark wood and plants culminates in a modern rustic aesthetic that is reminiscent of Aussie cafes.
I had an iced filter coffee made with beans from Kenya that was a fruity delight on a hot day. The coffee is definitely something to be back for.
When I scrolled through @burpple’s feed to decide on a dish, literally every other picture was of the mentaiko mac & cheese so we decided to give it a shot. It was a pleasant dish for brunch, with pasta cooked al dente, coated with layers of umami from the cheese, seafood and mentaiko. You’d be happy with it, but it’s not something I’d specially make my way and brave the short queue for. #burpple #fiveoarscoffeeroasters

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Simple, yet mighty delicious, this is great comfort food to end the work week with. Some tequila in that Arnold Palmer please. #belleshotchicken #burpple

The fried chicken at @buttersydney is juicy and spot on tasty and is the perfect companion to that donut and maple syrup. Yes I’m one of those that totally digs this sweet-savory thing. #buttersydney #burpple

I had one last week from a popular bakery with the green logo and the difference was distinct - pleasant, but lacks the finesse and texture of the one pictured above. Now that I thought about the KA, I’m starting to miss the ham and gruyere croissant as well... #lunecroissant #burpple

Any recommendations for a good croissant and Kouign Amann in SG?


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