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Before they closed, the service staff said it’s not the restaurant seating area they are renovating, it’s the kitchen behind that needs to be done. So true to what was told, the seating area still looks the same. Guess what? The same people are dining too, coz they looked familiar. Anyway, we are back for more Roasted Duck. Still as tasty and the little one now wants to eat the skin. She wants pieces with lots of skin! We used to take away the skin from her. She must have wondered why.... The Wife decided to order something that we haven’t ordered before this time. Clams! We have been eating the same dishes over and over. (Photo 1 and 3! Coz it’s comfort food and we feel very satisfied eating it!) The clams are pretty good and quite big too. Lots of shredded ginger and Szechuan veg. It has huge ‘hint’ of Chinese wine, so it’s really fragrant which means no no for kids but adults are happy slurping it away. The claypot vegetarian dish with fermented bean curd, tang hoon and all sorts of mushrooms and fungi (wood ear, golden needle) is still as homey tasting. Just the other day, a friend said he’s beginning to like ‘old people food’. Is this old people food? Lol! My little toddler loves it!