[Available on Burpple Beyond] I like spending my Christmas eve gorging on all the food I can get…and so I headed down to Sugarhaus’s to treat myself and some friends to waffles and ice-cream. 🤩🎄

Their waffles are quite brittle and not as substantial as some of my favourites’, but their gelati are decent! Each flavour packs a strength — besides the Kyoto Matcha Adzuki and Sour Cherry, we also got the Hazelnut and Earl Grey Lavender — which may be a sign of it being less authentic and repel tough cynics. 🤔 However, the good thing is that they weren’t too sweet, and I can imagine young families enjoying it. It would of course, be better, if someone among them had Burpple Beyond. I’m just saying. 👀😂

The place is decked out quite beautifully as well, which was a nice touch to the experience. Also, they don’t have alcoholic products in the array of flavours offered, so it can be enjoyed by more people. 🙏🏼 I quite liked this place! (7.5/10)