I love their matcha but i love their hojicha even more! ☺️ The hojicha flavored here was so concentrated and prominently distinctive. Full-bodied, rich, intense, nutty, robust, mellow earthiness and astringency profile coupled with an aromatic lingering roasted fragrance mouthfeel, though subtle yet draws out the palate to a pleasant finishing, topped with your choice of toppings (Featuring: langue de chat & castella cake). The hojicha sauce adds a bittersweet depth with a full impact of the flavor. Texture wise, it is thicker and creamier which allows prolonged enjoyment. すごくいいですね!!!🍃

Come get your fix if you have not before @tsujirihei_honten departs on 22nd Jan 2020🍃🍵 Then you’ve got to wait till the next bi-annual event that might be a few months away from now, (Alternatively, you can also ✈️ to Kyoto for them) I’m up for both! HAHA! 🤭😏🍃🍵