We had a wonderful experience at NY Verden Bar and Grill with our Burpple 1 for 1 set meal.

The staff were friendly, attentive and went the extra mile in serving and assisting us (we wanted hot water and one of the staff actually got the kitchen to boil some for us, and were obliging in preparing our takeaway orders for our leftovers).

We ordered multiple set meals with the following:
1. Bread with hummus
2. Cream of Leek soup
3. Iberico Pork
4. Truffle chargrilled chicken
5. Truffle tatter tots
6. Calamari
7. Matcha churros
8. Tiramisu

The cream of leek soup and Iberico pork deserves a special mention. The soup was creamy and flavorful whilst not being overpowering, and the perfect start to the meal.
The Iberico pork was flavorful and extremely tender: in fact so tender that it fell apart on the fork. The thinner pieces were delicate and slightly overdone, but the thicker center cuts was nice and juicy, with a slight melt in the mouth texture.

Calamari were perfectly fried with a nice crispy exterior and juicy squid rings. Some pieces were a tad too chewy though (being the tentacles of the squid).

Nothing much to be said for the bread and tatter tots, though the tatter tots did lack the distinct aroma of truffle that i was hoping for. Would have been great if more truffle oil was used as it felt like regular tatter tots.

The servings of sides and desserts were also pretty substantial, and we had to ask for takeaway for our leftover tatter tots and churros. Tiramisu was pretty hefty, but it was throughly enjoyable.