How could we not try the desserts after enjoying the main courses here.
Although I wasn't too keen on the coarsely shaved ice in the Chendol ($5++), everyone agreed the remarkably fragrant "gula melaka" used, was of superb quality.
To be honest, all of us were taken aback by the petite portions of both the Durian Pengat ($4.50++) and the Pulot Hitam with Dried Longan ($3++) when they were brought to the table. However, what they lacked in size, they more than made up in taste. The Durian Pengat drew raves from the durian-lovers I was dining with. They praised its exceedingly smooth, thick texture and concentrated durian richness. The Pulot Hitam got mixed reviews, with me giving it a thumbs-up while the addition of dried longan left one of my dining companions perplexed at the sour note it added.