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The ultimate murtabak is one of the featured creations at Springleaf and I can see why it's one of the highly reviewed items.

Even the mini version is not the mini really, as the murtabak is cut into the 15 big pieces for convenience. Stuffed within a thin prata, the fillings made each bite so satisfying. From the tandoori chicken that was so well spiced and roasted to smoky and slightly charred, to the earthiness of the chewy portobello mushrooms and the melted mozzarella cheese that pulls in the mouth as you chew.

Such savoriness would seem to be overwhelming but surprisingly, everything was in harmony especially with the sharp pungent red onions.

There's also a station where you can help yourself to the fish and chicken curries. I got curious about the difference in colour and smell of the curries, and I found out that the fish curry had a darker colour probably because more chili was used in the cooking while more spices were used for the chicken curry, which also had a stronger coconut milk taste.