Very worth and value for money , new Wellness Menus (six-course and eight-course) from @yancantonesecuisine , to welcome the Summer, available from 6 June to 31 August.
With highlight the principles of Yao Shan (药膳) combine into the dishes. 
Yao Shan is a culinary approach, guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, formulated by integrating herbs and ingredients of beneficial properties incorporating gastronomy and nutrition theories.
Feature :
Top 3 fav dishes from 8 course menu.
💕Braised Sliced Abalone with Eggplant in Oyster Sauce
This is really good, I never imagine I can enjoy eggplant 😅. The eggplant is par cooked, and served with Australian abalone braised in a superior stock for 3 to 4 hours.
The sauce is tasty, the eggplant texture not too mushy and the abalone is perfectly cooked.
💕Steamed Chilean Cod Fillet with Cordyceps Flower
Steamed Chilean cod fish fillet with cordyceps flowers and shredded ginger.
The fish was fresh, and served with stir fry Cordyceps flowers and shredded ginger, with a sauce made from light soy sauce, spring onions, and ginger.
💕Scallops with Fresh Lily Bulbs, Wolfberries, Wood Fungus, Seasonal Greens
Australian scallops sautéed with lily bulbs, wood fungus, wolfberries, and seasonal greens
Beside these 3, also served Crispy Skin Roasted Duck marinated with Dried Mandarin Peel, double boiled soup,king prawn,eefu noodle and dessert.
💰$ 108++ per person for 8 course menu, with minimum 5 pax.
Good idea for upcoming Father’s Day celebration too.
📍Yan Cantonese Cuisine.
1 St Andrew road, #05[hashtag]#-02.
National Gallery Singapore

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