Came to this outlet for our company annual gathering dinner. This was one of my favourite dishes amongst the various dishes ordered. The cracking was crispy and meat was warm and moist.

The food from Starkers is generally good, hence we chose Starkers. However, the staff at this outlet needs some customer service retraining. After approaching a male staff of our reservation, he told us that the centralised aircon switches on at 6pm only (we were a few minutes early), and so we could wait outside if it’s too stuffy inside. Whilst standing outside to wait, GE actually said “can you all take a seat, because from the CCTV, to the management it would look like we haven’t been attended to”. Would it have been better if he had said “take a seat on the chairs available while waiting”, instead of telling us it would reflect badly on him that we stood around and not be seated. (Amongst other service comments made by this service staff).