$28 sharing set for 2

Came with appetizer - caprese
Mains - pizza
2 soft Drinks - ordered coke and tea
Dessert - tiramisu

The entire set is actually enough for 1 person but if you are small eaters it may be shared with 2. You will not be full though.

I am disappointed with the serving size as it mentioned sharing set for 2 and definitely it is not enough for 2 pax dining. The staff even mentioned that this set will not be sufficient for 2 pax. The tiramisu came in a super tiny cup which honestly would not be appropriate for sharing as well.

If I did not order the pizza, there was an option for pasta. But just ONE plate of pasta. I still don’t understand how this is a sharing set for TWO.

The taste of the food was okay, nothing great. The friendliness and service of the staff was amazing.

When I entered the restaurant it was empty. Till the time we ate finish as well, we were the only customers there.

Overall, this set is not worth your time to visit unless you are willing to order other ala carte dishes by the side.

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