I'm an avid fan of Tanuki Raw's Foie Gras and Truffle Yakiniku Don, so much so I've frequented the place numerous times to eat the same damn thing -- it really is their best seller for a reason! However we all have our flaws, and the 'Raw' in Tanuki is definitely not their forte.

My previous encounters with their raw fishy dons were never too pleasant, substandard, but this negitoro don ($18) made sure I would be sticking to my Beef and Foie Gras for a long long time. It is aesthetically OK, but the bowl tasted like it was microwaved for a minute -- not cold nor hot, the negitoro was a lump of sticky, not-so-fresh minced tuna. I shared this and the superstar maki with my friend and we struggled with finishing up the bowl.

I still love you Tanuki, I love your superstar roll (bc it really is everything I love in a roll YAAAS mentaiko mayo salmon cheese tempura flakes oh bless this) and your beef and foie gras bowl (amen amen) but please do something about the fishies!! Tanuki no raw plz.