From the Orchard Road Soup Guru stall:

As a newly launched dish, this stall sells a set for their Hakka lei cha with the option for a mini bowl of pork ribs soup (with various ingredient choices) for an additional $4 atop the base price of $6.50. You get a choice of brown rice, pumpkin rice or olive rice. I had the pumpkin rice and the wintermelon pork ribs soup.

I enjoyed the rice bowl after mixing all the ingredients together. It came with firm tofu, anchovies and a variety of chopped vegetables. The pumpkin rice was a fabulous choice with a good amount of soft pumpkin chunks. These provided a sweetness to the rice that contrasted nicely against the fried anchovies and sharp, almost wasabi-like taste of the vegetables. I didn’t pour in or drink much of the lei cha soup as it was bland despite its greenness.

As for the wintermelon with pork ribs soup, the two pork ribs I had were boneless, and were instead soft cartilages which I enjoyed. The meat wasn’t the most tender, but it was soft enough that it didn’t require much wrangling or chewing. Point to note that these pork ribs had lots of fat layered atop the meat. The wintermelon was well-cooked - in the sweet spot as it was soft and melt in your mouth, but didn’t distintegrate from overcooking. The soup was delicious as well.

Overall definitely not the best Hakka lei cha out there, considering that the thunder tea is an important element in this dish and this one was bland. However, I really really enjoyed the rice bowl - enough to make a revisit just for that.