This place uses... coconut water as a soup base?🤔 Skeptical as first but definitely a novel concept, this ala carte steamboat eatery in a corner coffeeshop was quite packed by the time we finished our meal.

The soup base was actually really mild, with a sweet aftertaste (which is when you go, there's the coconut). 😂It really gets better as you start cooking the meats and getting more flavours into the soup. Two hungry people would easily devour the smaller chicken set, so if you're feeling ravenous, opt for the chicken set for 3-4pax at $29. We also added on a sliced meat platter at $12 but I'd recommend just ordering the sliced pork belly on it's own as the beef was slightly chewy. Overall a very healthy tasting meal that won't burn a hole in your pocket! 🙌