1) Grilled Ribeye
2) Grilled Lamb Cutlets
3) Pan-Seared Salmon
4) Tilapia
5) Squid Rings
6) Chicken Breasts
7) Mussels
8) Curly Fries
9) Salad

Served with dipping sauces as well.

This Alter Mega Platter stated for 3-4 pax. I think not.... this needs at least 6 pax to clear. Large portions for sure.

Ribeye was a little chewy, but tasted good.

Lambs were tender but a little gamey

The other ingredients were all added fillers for this platter to make us full, they were all rather good, but don't expect it to be awesome.

Alter Ego seems like a nice place for gatherings or even hold events like parties or corporate events even.

The most popular items are their Pokebowls, which what I will have the next time I am here.

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