Western Food

Western Food

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Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Jacks place has been around in Singapore for ages. I recall watching advertisements of Jack place on Channel 5 back in the 90s.

$31 set meal (everyday set lunch treats)

-inclusive of weekends.

Set meal comes with:
- soup of the day with bread
- ice lemon tea/coffee/tea/juice
- gelato/dessert

T-bone steak has a lesser fat ratio as compared to the Ribeye.

Ribeye set meal is at $25.50 but the ribeye is 180g, so don't be fooled by the price. Ribeye are usually more expensive than T-bone.

T-bone was surprisingly tender, I was expecting a bit more tough. And the mushroom sauce really helps with the tenderness. My teeth easily chews through the meat.

Steaks at jacks place surely can't compare to all those popular steakhouse, jacks place steaks are slightly above the coffee shop standards.

Enjoyable meal.

Would always return for set meals promotions. Can't see myself eating this ala carte.

For comparison sake: T-bone steak ala carte price is $29.90


Located along a bustling Serangoon Road, Bruno's is an Italian owned restaurant, its main outlet is at Tanjong Katong. They serve authentic Italian food, so don't expect pasta mania price and taste here.

Calzone is basically a oven baked folded pizza that originated from Naples.

It does look like a giant curry puff, but it's filled with Generous amount of Mozzarella cheese, baked ham, mixed mushrooms. Every bite was cheesy.

I had this as a single person, and seriously couldn't finish it.

Rating 4/5 for me, will definitely return for their Risottos.

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Returned again to this little coffee shop located at St George Road. Just had to have Juster western again.

Still a very popular store here. This time, decided to have their pork chops.

Pork Chop was well marinated. There was another smaller pork chop under that big pork chop u see in the photo above.

Certainly very filling. Their black pepper sauce was also quite flavourful and goes very well with the pork chop and the mashed potatoes.


Wild Truffle Linguine is a signature dish here at D'Vine Cafe.

The strong Truffle aroma was already on its way to my nose before this plate of Linguine arrived on my table.

The Linguine was al dente, the sauce was creamy with a very heavy truffle taste.

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Have been wanting to try this since I read an 8days article on this place a few months back.

This is indeed one of the better burgers I had for sometime, beef patty was damn juicy and the butter just goes so well with the beef patty.

The cheese fries sides were also very good.

Slushy that comes with the meal was very refreshing.

The server taking the order was very friendly.

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Inside the stall really got 1 Grandpa cooking the chicken chop.

Chicken chop was well cooked, skin had a nice juicy crisp to it. The black pepper sauce was very thick and flavourful. This was surprisingly good.

Comes with 2 sides and a toast. Decided to have 2 sides of fresh vegetables.

Comes with 2 sides and their signature muffin.

Although i haven eaten Kenny rogers for almost over a decade, i dont recall it tasting so ordinary previously at their great world city outlet.

Chicken was definitely soft and tender.

Staff was friendly.

Ambience felt like I am in a fast food restaurant.

Signature muffin was still good.

Recently opened after this recently renovated coffee shop.

After plenty of times of trying other food at this coffee shop, finally decided to try Juster western.

My first impression was why I never tried this earlier, firstly, seems like a few tables are having them and secondly, the chicken was well marinated and was cooked just right. With a slightly charred taste, the chicken was soft and tender as well. The black pepper sauce was viscous and flavourful.

Sides was ok, nothing really special, just fillers

Just don't get their sausage, it was quite bad.

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2nd time coming to skinny chef, their western food has been consistently good for me. They used to have an outlet at geylang bahru, sadly, that is closed already.

Chicken chop was nicely grilled and got generous serving of brocolli to give me my valuable vegetable daily intake.

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3rd time here at nineties, my weekly lunch affair.

Value for money as u can choose many combinations of side dishes.

Fried rice was quite good and portion is huge. Almost zhi char level already.

Spring chicken was evenly Fried and the skin was crispy, well marinated and flavourful. Chicken meat tasted fresh as well, as it was soft and tender.

For-see myself coming back here for lunch very oftenly.

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Decided to give common grill at St george a 2nd chance since it was a 1for1 promo.

This entire set cost $18 bucks. It consist of:

1) Chicken chop w/ black pepper sauce
2) Sausage
3) corn
4) romaine salad
5) pasta
6) soup

Was it worth $18? No

Was it worth $9? Yes

Chicken is good, sausage was not so good. By the time I hit the pasta, I was quite full already. So portion wise, value for money.


Returned again to Nineties Pasta & Grill, since I quite like the food; the last time I was here.

You can make many combinations of mains and sides here.

Today decided to try their fried fish and carbonara. Both have good recommendations.

Overall it was good, but not as good as the chicken cutlet I had previously.

Definitely value for money here.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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