Perhaps this would be the most insane waiting time I ever have for a plate of carrot cake. I came here at 6:20am, even before they open at 6:30am and there’s already a few people waiting to order.

I made my order right at 6:30am and was told the waiting time would be 1.5 hours! That’s crazy even coming in early morning.

I see there’s lots of order for takeaway as you see them packing it bag by bag. I literally waited from dark until the sun rise.

Finally at 7:52am I gotten my order! I was so excited by just looking at those cai po given on my plate. I could say the portion definitely very generous and actually good for 2 people to share.

I added the prawn for $5 which given another good texture and taste to the carrot cake. It is definitely worth the wait and know why so many people would want to wait even it is so long.