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Singapore Foods Hunter

Singapore Foods Hunter

We always ask ourselves, what to eat next for breakfast, lunch and dinner; or even supper. So follow this list to begin your journey exploring the foods around Singapore and make your decision.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

If you are lazy to choose what you want for their grilled skewer meat/ vegetable, go for their rice set that comes with 4 types of it including pork garlic mayo, bacon cherry, dumplings and others. $14.90

Came here before noon time to avoid the larger crowd. Service was pretty fast. Although paying $10.50 seems much expensive when you could have it cheaper just across the border.

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You seldom get to find pipa duck rice at affordable price in Singapore but thanks to this young ladies who brought their skill to the eaters at Burlington Square.

Consider a pretty small shop inside the building, with not many seats available. But don’t miss out trying their roasted meat with either noodle or rice.

The pipa duck was prepared for at least 5 hours and above, so they are juicy yet not so oily. $5.80

I really like the gravy, it was very smooth and tasty just like the slices fish. Wok hey enough and not so sticky. $4.50


The portion given was really sufficient and the set meal for $3 is worth it with their chawanmushi and miso soup.

The chicken was crispy with egg and rice. $10.90++

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This is the most sinful kaisen don I ever have. Covered with the house vegetables, bluefin tuna, salmon, sweet shrimp, Hokkaido scallops and uni. The presentation was so beautiful that we wouldn’t want to destroy it. Everything was fresh and mix very well together. $35++


My favourite meal among all, with pork jowl marinated in rice fermentation culture, edible Garden City kale, roasted potato and lemon garlic pepper sauce. the meat was prepared in a way you could taste how juicy it was and you want more of the bites. $38++


A black cod marinated in miso, accompanying with sweet potato, sea grape, ikura, pulut hitam furikake, edible Garden City mexican tarragon and white sesame sauce. The black cod was cooked very perfectly juicy and soft. Easy to bite and digest. $38++

If you went to the level 7 of Funan, you will find this restaurant opened by the Open Farm Community. You shouldn’t miss out their appetisers as some of the herbs are taken from the open farm just right outside the restaurant.

They told us the ox heart organic tomatoes was sourced from Cameron Highlands. It is definitely a kickstarter for our meal following. $15++

A very simple plate of chicken rice from Tat Poh stall, comes with a bowl of soup for only $3.

They have generous portion of minced pork on top but sadly the whole taste was covered by the spicy chilli. The ban mian itself was too sticky. $4

A Fast food chain from Norway selling salad, wrap, burger and bowl with their signature salmon. Sadly I don’t exciting for the taste. The salmon itself was too small portion to me so I couldn’t really enjoy it a lot.

I hunt for foods.

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