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Singapore Foods Hunter

Singapore Foods Hunter

We always ask ourselves, what to eat next for breakfast, lunch and dinner; or even supper. So follow this list to begin your journey exploring the foods around Singapore and make your decision.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung
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As for the soup, they have this daily soup with different type everyday. For the day we visited, they have the chicken soup for $5++ per bowl, which comes with generous portion of chicken meat in it. The soup was tasty and served hot.

This is probably my favourite among all the foods we ordered. Fluffy and juicy while serving hot on the plate. You could get the oyster in almost every bites.

Jiak Modern Tzechar is a Halal restaurant where you can find all the usual tze char items and you could invite your Muslim friends to join you here.

The fried rice was cooked perfectly with generous amount of chicken meat inside. As for the golden chicken, it was prepared in sweet and sour sauce. You will get addicted with the taste after ever bites.

I guess I would return here whenever I’m here to watching performances. Their foods so far was my favourite and I love their old school environment.

Their succulent & flaky salmon was really grilled to the perfection using olive oil. And the salmon skin was crispy and still intact. On top of that would be the of course the generously drizzled of sambal sauce. $15.90

A generous portion of noodle bowl with lots of beef on it. The soup itself was served hot and the taste not so overwhelming.

Definitely a bowl of ramen filled with lots of tomato bites, giving you the taste of sweet broth. The springy Japanese ramen was made with Hokkaido wheat flour. Do note that they added a lot of garlic on it also. $11.90

Pretty affordable bowl of only $2.60 for the small one. I felt the char siew was a bit too dry but the noodle itself was excellent.

This is the heaven of salted egg buttermilk! Beside chicken, you also can opt for fish and pork.

I truly enjoyed the creamy and salty of it, the sunny egg is the plus point for the meal. I could say the portion was generous and I was very full after finish the whole plate. $8

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I don’t really like the broth unfortunately, it was too sweet for me, even after adding chilli sauce. I also felt that the prawn itself doesn’t have much taste. But I do enjoyed eating the pork ribs. $6

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Everyone came here for their nostalgic look. It felt like I’m back to the old time of Singapore.

Lots of expats here with few tourists when I made my visit. Plenty of seats available even on Sunday lunch time.

I could say the price was rather expensive for this portion ($11) and it does taste very old school also but just don’t justify with the price.


Opened by the famous Warung K from Timbre+, serving their signature Indonesian charcoal grill dishes.

One word to describe: cold. Was very disappointed that even required some waiting time, but the food was served very cold.

I agree the chicken was tasty but it was just so cold, probably they have prepared it for sometime. The chilli sauce was spicy. Just hope they could at least heat it up. $7

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Unlike the usual kimchi fried rice, this one was served on hotpot surrounded by egg with cheese. Unfortunately the fried rice itself doesn’t taste very strong and spicy. But the egg with cheese does help to increase your taste bud. $13.90

Side dishes here like kimchi are refillable but don’t waste, or else you will be fine for any wastage.

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I hunt for foods.

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