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Singapore Foods Hunter

Singapore Foods Hunter

We always ask ourselves, what to eat next for breakfast, lunch and dinner; or even supper. So follow this list to begin your journey exploring the foods around Singapore and make your decision.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung
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I was shocked by the huge plate of chicken chop. from Vincent Western Food. I hear they are very famous among the stalls at night.

Their chicken chop was so juicy and delicious. $6

Didn’t know this place until I came across their ad on Instagram.

Making my way to this quiet neighbourhood near to Bukit Gombak MRT. No many eaters here even during the weekend. The drink stall already closed even though I came at 2pm.

Pretty generous portion of “cai fang” for $6.50 that comes with vegetables, fried egg, curry chicken and braised pork, with rice topped with their signature curry.

I do enjoy their curry a lot. It really taste great. The curry chicken and braised pork was juicy. Definitely worth your trip down here.

The queue already formed even before they officially open at 6pm for dinner. The not so pack coffee shop suddenly all seats have been occupied. Yes most of the people here came for this stall.

Unfortunately I felt their fried rice was wok hey enough. And I really wish they could place chilli sauce in every table here. The pork chop was really tender and not so oily. $6

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They serve not only the usual Ayam Penyet but also other choices in the same way, like the one I have here.

Generous portion of chicken thigh given, coated with honey. The chili sauce was spicy. Probably I hope they could give me more crispy bites to mix with the rice. $6.50

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Found this stall inside the food court opposite Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange. It was the wet version and I felt it was prepared to salty. The chili sauce wasn’t enough spicy. The prawn and squid was cold. $4

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Came all the way to Pasir Ris to try the first Ramly Burger stall in Singapore. Although the bread really sourced from Ramly, but the taste here still doesn’t taste that good as those in Malaysia. $5.40 (with cheese)

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The best time to come here during lunch time would be public holiday and you still get to enjoy their lunch special, without the CBD lunch crowds.

Their staff was really friendly and always paying attention to us. Our hot green tea will always filled throughout our time here.

The katsu was really crispy and tender. Curry was great also. $13++ (Lunch Set)

The famous curry rice from Beach Road also have their outlet here along Upper Thomson Road. Serving pretty similar with their main outlet.

Jian An Cooked Food, another zi char stall here that also sell individual portion for rice and noodle. Their sambal unfortunately wasn’t kick enough for me. It would be good if they could put more of the sambal sauce. $5

There is this cafe located at Sembawang Hill Estate, serving some of their signature coffee, main and dessert.

Many people were recommending their chicken stew and I agree on that. Two piece of chicken that was juicy and lots of meat. Accompanied the stew would be their wholesome bread. Pretty much a comfort food for dinner. $17

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Came here for their crispy chicken with briyani, comes with pickled vegetables and egg. Portion wasn’t too big, enough for one person. $6

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Serving charcoal grill items with side dishes, you can choose from few type of protein meats. Each protein also accompany with a choice of rice, soba or salad.

Complete your meal with a set of drink and miso soup for $3.80. Their miso soup was special as you actually able to find chicken meat and carrot inside the soup. Ice lemon tea came in a huge size of drink.

The grilled salmon was crispy and juicy, topped with mentaiko. It is really a valuable meal. $14.80

I hunt for foods.

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