Singapore Foods Hunter

Singapore Foods Hunter

We always ask ourselves, what to eat next for breakfast, lunch and dinner; or even supper. So follow this list to begin your journey exploring the foods around Singapore and make your decision.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Located far far away at one end of Sentosa Island, is this upscale neighbourhood called Sentosa Cove.

Totally feel foreign here as you could see majority are the western people here. And Quayside Isle is one of the popular place here to grab foods and drinks.

If you wake up early enough and come here, you would be treat with some decent cafe that open as early as 8am.

Bali On The Cove is one of them, located at level 2. You would find this place decorated with Bali chill concept. You could purchase some Bali inspired items from the shop as well.

Lobster Rosti is one of the popular breakfast item on the menu, if you have tired with the common big breakfast.

I really enjoy the fluffy omelette on the top of the rosti. Generous portion of lobster bites given I would say, and the rosti wasn’t too oily.

Just felt a bit disappointed because from photos I saw on internet, this item actually topped with some beautiful floral decor; but it wasn’t the case for me.

A much smaller food centre at Bedok with a short walk from Bedok Central. Mandarin Chicken Rice is one of the popular stall here.

Their white chicken was really juicy and soft. Pretty much a comfortable meal to have for lunch.

HEJIO, a new bar opens at this light industrial area, just a short walk from Tai Seng MRT Station.

Interesting place where you could grab some local delight such as toast, tea and coffee; as well some proper meal, bar snack and beer here.

Came for dinner and beer and I’m surprised with how soft the soy sauce chicken meat. But taste wise just ordinary to me.

This Thai restaurant served wide range of Thai cuisine from main dishes, boat noodles and grill menu.

Of course if you not looking for something big, you can go for the individual portion here as well. Their Thai Basil Minced Pork Rice served in pretty decent portion of minced pork. A bit dry but is fine, and it still remain the spicy kick I want.

Would you wake up early enough to have some breakfast here? Most of the stalls here only open early in the morning and sold out by lunch time.

They mostly catered to those people who buying something from the fresh market beside, or those who live around.

There’s this only one stall that served prawn noodle and carrot cake. Good enough to have it as your breakfast for the day. The black sauce was a bit too overwhelming for me, but generous ingredients especially the egg.

This stall could easily missed out as it located on its own at the side, Old Place Fresh Prawn Prawn Noodle serving some decent bowl of prawn noodle here.

Go for the pork rib to enjoy the fullness of taste when you have the soup base, which has its sweetness that I like it much. Definitely a comfortable bowl. The small version only comes with one prawn unfortunately, but generous portions for the pork ribs.

Unkai is where you get some Japanese foods at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, serving bento set, udon and hotplate.

I was looking forward to the meal here but a bit disappointed with it instead. The dory fish was much harder than the usual soft meat you could expect.

This place always easily get missed up as it located hidden from the main road, behind the petrol stations.

I enjoy eating at this place as it is much quieter compared to Old Airport Road, but of course there’s also lesser choices here.

Victory Canton Wok is one of the popular tze char stall here that served some pretty good individual meal like this.

The pork rib texture was tender and juicy, but the sweet sauce was a bit too sweet for me.

Located at a much quieter street off Joo Chiat Road, this shop sell some good Indian and Malay snacks like curry puff.

All the snacks are display outside the shop, so you can park your car beside as well.

Generous ingredients inside the puff and I enjoyed it much with the spicy taste.

Located at one of this old school coffee shop along Joo Chiat Place, and it could easily getting queue during peak hours because they cook it individually plate by plate.

Super wok hey for me and generous with the ingredients even for the small portion I ordered.

One of the popular food place along Orchard Road for their authentic soba. You could find this place easily filled up fully during peak hours.

If you are first time here, I definitely recommend you to go with their combi set. It comes with both hot and cold soba for you to enjoy, together with some of their signature fried items like prawn and vegetables.

When you just looking for something comfortable and not too much at night, this stall so open at night.

I’m actually surprised by the amount of ingredients given. Is literally pig organ pieces in every spoons I dig in.

And they also added the youtiao in every order of the porridge. So definitely worth it.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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