A treat at a MicheLin rated restaurant is always welcomed and am thankful for the lunch treat today .

I like the feel of walking into the restaurant . The wide corridor and the exquisite decor makes you feel like a royal πŸ‘‘....😝

I particularly liked the Creative abalone and chicken tart as the pastry was nice and crisp and not too greasy and the juicy baby abalone provides such a nice contrast in texture and bursting with umami .

The xo carrot cake was also very well executed - tasty , well crisp without being greasy and I liked the use of whole salted egg yolks in their glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf - the rice was cooked to perfection and not too wet and the meat within was seasoned well ( and thankfully not too salty ) .

The har Gao and siew Mai were standard fare but I did feel that they were a little too salty by my standards ( too much msg perhaps ....)

I liked the food at Wah Lok but the prices are too steep - so it will only be a once in a Long Long Long Long while indulgence .

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