Enthusiast who enjoy sourdough in all its forms would love Firebake’s Sourdough ice cream. Just like the bakes but in a rich gooey state, the smooth texture was amazing. With a unique yet pronounced depth of flavour, you will get the distinctive wheaty edge of the dough but certainly not unpleasant. And my favourite part is having the creaminess just dissolve in your mouth and glide down the throat. A real treat as they embrace the natural delicate sourness and subtle sweetness of the ingredients.

Though usually served on a peach, with vanilla and rye chip ($12) on their dinner menu; we got to pair our scoop with their delicious signature Firebake Bread and Butter Pudding (which I will write more about in another post) courtesy of Bing. And the combination was sooo guud, a great contrast between cold/ velvety and warm/ custardy. Not to mention the wonderful service we got at Firebake, I am planning my next visit already.