Countless hordes have sung paeans to this bestial biryani from the distant reaches of Aljunied Crescent. Keeping it uber kvlt and notoriously hard to procure, mercurial mastermind Zahid's culinary creations are unleashed only upon the pleasure of his rare whim, whereupon ravenous masses will instantly descend like circling vultures, furiously submitting their requests via WhatsApp as quick as they can, for only the swift have any hope of securing an order.

To gain access, one must first send a follower request to @globalmatsoulkitchen. Once accepted, keep your eagle eyes peeled for the drop - a more often than not bombastic post wrought with black metal imagery and symbolism. But let that not deter you oh pilgrim, for if you persevere โ€“ try once, try twice, try 666 times โ€“ this will be one of the most fragrant, (un)heavenly biryanis you will have ever eaten.

Taste: 4/5