Words cannot describe how wonderful all the dishes tasted. Literally a hidden gem, only the residents knows about. The old lady was once on a long hiatus, of probably 6 months, that left many of us tearing inside. And now that she is back, we just have to eat here as often as we can. Her soup for the pig organ, is absolutely hearty, cloudy and divine, unlike some places where obviously very bland like drinking a bowl of water. Her ingredients are plenty and very clean (with no funky smell of whatsoever). The pig stomach soup is as peppery and spicy as it can get, without being too over. The bowl of white cloudy mess is so good, that my family spare no drop of the soup. And for the grand finale, that delicious bowl of black vinegar pig trotters just swoon me over. I am not much of a pig trotter fan, but this I love. It is not as oily or as fatty as many places, and her marination is done so right that it seeps right through the bones! Such simple meals, but big on good flavours.