#HealthyLiving Healthy doesn't mean tasteless.
Travel #onthemove The reason that you travel, is to basically pig out.
Currilious Indian
Indian Currilious Indian All things red and spicy, with loads of ghee and curry powder please
Korean Mania
Korean BBQ, Korean, Korean Fried Chicken Korean Mania From the culture to the food and right down to beauty. We can never escape the phenomenal of Kpop. It's here to stay.
Halal Halal. No pork, no problem. Still so yummy.
Old-fashion. Old-school. Old-times
Local Delights, Hidden Gem, Cheap & Good Old-fashion. Old-school. Old-times You can't get enough with the good old home style cooking
That Modern Twist.
Interesting, Dinner with Drinks, Fine Dining That Modern Twist. Once awhile you like to be kick into with new texture, flavor and smell. Something new, something old, something different.