Ingredients: Feta, two poached eggs, roasted tomatoes, dill, cashew nut dukkah, rye sourdough toast

I love how perfectly poached the eggs were, with golden liquid oozing out of the thin film of white when I prodded a little at the wobbly semicircles using my fork. The cashew nut dukkah was minimal and tasted light to me. My taste buds were not exquisite enough to tell me what the cashew dukkah really tasted like. The highlight was of course the avocados — they were creamy and fresh, atop a slightly tangy, soft bed of sourdough bread. Some may be averse to the taste of avocados because they taste like health. But as for me, I’m a fan.

I think the 50% on savoury brunch items the Burpple app is great. No GST & service charge here, making most brunch items less than $10. The portions are also humongous. The only gripe is that there’s always a queue on weekends.