Weekend Hangouts

Weekend Hangouts

What’s a weekend without good food and lovely people?
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

The Fry-up came with two-fried eggs, chorizo, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, fried potatoes, home-cured bacon and buttered toast, which were beautifully laid out on an aesthetically pleasing plate. The potatoes were coated in a savoury and slightly spicy sauce.

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The Eggs ben-jamin came with wilted spinach, bacon onion jam, béarnaise (sauce made of clarified butter emulsified in egg yolks and white vinegar sauce), home-cured bacon and English muffins. The poached eggs were beautifully done with sublime yellow yolk oozing out when slightly torn apart. The English muffins were soaked in a béarnaise sauce (not hollandaise sauce, but just as delicious). I was pretty impressed with this dish.

Steak with 2 sunny side-ups, with house-made entrecôte sauce. I got medium but I thought it was slightly tough. I should have opted for medium rare. I found the portion very sufficient, and I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the egg yolks were so runny!

The ambience of the bistro was lovely too - quiet and romantic for a date and cosy enough for intimate gatherings with close friends.


The famous L’Entrecôte steak, with their legendary secret sauce generously poured over tender sliced steak. Accompanied with golden French fries and green salad with walnuts. Comes with complimentary wine and bread too!

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Loved the texture of the noodles - chewy to a T!


The standard fish and chips that came with buttered red tilapia fillet and fries. I felt that the ratio of flour to fish was pretty nice, and the fish tasted quite fresh too!

The grilled salmon fillet was well-cooked and tender. There’s an option of butter rice or coconut rice, but by default the dish came with butter rice.

Grilled rib-eye steak atop a bed of butter rice or coconut rice (butter rice by default) and a zest of lime. I found the beef a bit over-seasoned for my liking but it was a rather hearty meal.

House granola, tea poached pears, honey Greek yogurt plated beautifully in a white ceramic bowl. I found the granola a bit sweet for my liking but it was interesting as there were desiccated browned coconut in the granola! I’m not a fan of fruits but the tea poached pears were yummy. Albeit sweet, the poached pears were refreshing to the palate. It’s supposedly a healthy breakfast but I found it quite loaded on sugars.

This makes for a sinfully delightful treat considering that there is a layer of sweet and luscious cream in between each layer. I love how the cream melts in my mouth.

It’s slightly on the pricier side for one pancake but it was truly a wonderful pancake - it was fluffy, dense and moist. The matcha had a slightly bitter fragrance that permeated through the sweet sauce. There’s an option for double pancakes [$16.80++] too.

Dakgalbi is pan-fried chicken with vegetables, rice cake, sweet potatoes and spicy sauce. We added cheese [$5] for that extra oomph. It was not mind-blowing but it was a very comfortable meal that satisfied us. The sauce was spicy and sweet at the same time, and warmed our throats and bellies.

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