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Weekend Hangouts

Weekend Hangouts

What’s a weekend without good food and lovely people?
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

The truffle scent wasn’t mind blowing in this one but I liked that the entire dish wasn’t surfeiting. The pasta was cooked al dente which leveled up the dish. The ambience was relaxed and inviting and it’s a lovely place to spend one’s weekend afternoon at.

They are currently running a 1-for-1 promotion for pastas from Mon-Thurs!

The fried rice was glistening with oil and olive goodness, that felt a bit heavy on the palate after a while. It tasted a bit rich but it was satisfying.

The ambience of this restaurant was cosy, with cushions and all. It’s a nice place to have a chat with friends!

Falafel, beetroot hummus, baked pumpkin, zoodles (cucumber noodles), quinoa and pesto sauce. The highlight of this dish was the beetroot hummus - the brightly coloured mash was delicious to eat!

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The salmon was fresh, warm and tender. The poached egg was very nicely done too. A light poke would induce a bright yellow lava that oozed through the thin layer of egg white.

The environment of this café was very inviting too. The ambience was lovely, being situated at a secluded area with roosters roaming around. It would had been a good place to do work (bonus: free wifi + power plug!) if it were quieter on a weekday afternoon.

Even though it was the smallest portion, it was still pretty substantial! You may choose the noodle type. I loved how al dente the mee pok were. There was also a generous portion of lard and minced meat which added a nice bite and enhanced the gastronomical experience.

The environment was pretty cooling on a Saturday evening, and it felt somewhat like an alfresco dining experience.

I quite like this. I am not good at describing seafood, but I do like the well-balanced textures of the meal. The salmon skin was toasty and delicious. The scallops tasted rather fresh to me. The lemon made the leafy greens refreshing to eat, albeit a bit oily. Overall a pretty satisfying meal for me :)

Quite sweet, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth kind of delicious. 😋

The portobello was baked with stringy cheese, spinach and egg. Quite an indulgent treat! I found the portion slightly on the smaller side.

Jiggly pancakes with a touch of fragrant matcha. It was delicious, but quite a small portion in my opinion.

This was one of their bestsellers and it was absolutely delicious! It may look like unassuming white paste but the ginger really hits you when the milk pudding slides down your throat. This feels like a warm hug on a cold night.

Mayo base, fresh salmon sashimi, ikura & topped with nori flakes.

I enjoyed the succulent sashimi pieces and the roe pieces which were bursting with flavour. The pizza was very flavourful. I loved this!

House special bourbon sauce, topped with slow cooked pulled pork, caramelised onions and basil.

This was a very sweet pizza due to the caramelised onions. It’s a relatively safe choice for people who are afraid to venture into new boundaries in terms of taste.

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