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Weekend Hangouts

Weekend Hangouts

What’s a weekend without good food and lovely people?
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

The colour doesn’t look appetizing but the curly pasta shape is uber cute! It’s also cooked al dente and had a nice bite to it. I liked that there were nuts in my pasta which added a dimension to my carby meal. There was a herby aftertaste, but I liked it that way because it made the whole eating experience feel very clean and healthy... yums.

It was a yummy bowl of chirashi don. I especially enjoyed the natural sweetness of the sashimi chunks with the vinegar rice. The place was decked in pink with warm lighting, giving the place sweet and delicate vibes.

The combination of sweet potato and cold noodles was a perfect match - springy cold noodles with a slight sweetness that refreshes one’s palate.

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Buah kuluak dry ramen with smashed pork balls and chicken.

The dry noodles was cooked al dente and were a delight to eat together with creamy sauce. The meat pieces were well cooked as well. The portion was huge... it will be good to share between two!

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Cheese fries and fish and chips, served with squid ink cheese and mentaiko. There was little fish even though there was fish as part of the ingredients... but wow, the squid ink cheese fries stole the show. Firstly, the wobbly egg in the middle of a pile of glorious black mess was a visual delight. The fries were just normal fries, but the squid ink cheese was not surfeiting but savoury and delicious. I was amazed by the plating and the taste. It’s a must order at Uncle Kiisu! ✨

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This was really one of a kind of kueh pie tee. The ingredients used were unagi coleslaw, tobiko and bonito flakes. It was an interesting mixture of savoury and sweet, and was great as an appetizer!

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Omnipork flavoured with fennel, water chestnut and oregano and served with garlic, chili flakes, button mushrooms and rocket.

This is a vegan dish but the omnipork really tasted like real pork. I also enjoyed the spicy kick to this meal!

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Vegan mozzarella, risotto, button mushrooms, black truffle, spring onions and rocket.

I like the aroma of the truffle as well as the creamy consistency of the risotto! A simple dish done right.

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It’s a short 4-minute walk from Commonwealth MRT station and it is a pretty quaint space in the neighbourhood.

The waffles were not much to shout about but the ice-creams were delectably smooth and fragrant. (I might be biased because I love earl grey, who would have ever thought that black tea and tangerine peel would make such a great combination?)

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TCA always has seasonal specials for its coffee... it’s pretty interesting, albeit it is a bit pricey.

The turmeric popcorn was a nice addition to the coffee. Pretty yum.

Sushi Tei is a family-friendly place, and has something for everyone. This time I spotted something very interesting - black sesame tofu in coconut sauce! It makes me think of bobo chacha. I didn’t know black sesame and coconut sauce could be a good combo.

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This was a nicely cooked barramundi with tender flesh.

You have a choice of sauce between black pepper sauce and brown sauce. I chose the black pepper sauce and it added a kick to my fish!

I liked the crinkly cut fries too... they were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.


Loves Jesus, people and food :-)

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