Despite being a steakhouse, I still miss their bread 🙂

IMO, Wooloo Mooloo serves the best bread that I’ve ever had; it has fried scallions and sea salt on it! But, of course, why come to a steakhouse if I’m not here to eat their steak?

The steak tastes good, but what is lacking are some sides, and you have to top up for them, which makes the plate look plain. It only has a few salad vegetables placed on it with the steak.

Overall, it was a good experience, but I think it would be more worth it to visit during lunch hour as they have some lunch promotions.

We celebrated J’s birthday there, but they did not sing the birthday song as steakhouses usually do. However, they did serve cake for the birthday boy 😌

🤤: 3.5/5
💰: ~$50/pax
📍: wooloomooloo

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